Do You Identify with a Tiger?

Happy Sunday! My mind has turned to animals again today. There are just so many wonderful ones out there, so hopefully you aren’t tired of me sharing pictures of them from Pinterest in my posts.  Today my mind was on tigers. They can be very dangerous but they do have a majestic beauty to them as well.

Do you identify with any of these tigers today?

3013a413762bf4d299eb643cee9fc7de Is there something new and daring that you are trying? Bravely taking the leap!

9691a69f4b1c6f77e0c22765fd4d00cf Perhaps you are in a reflective type of mood. Just taking the time to connect with yourself, which is very important!!

c884056f2cdc09d0168c7ec995ef2128 Are you just plumb worn out and taking the time to rest?

49eecd462dcde7f4c75cd7ef699cb2de Feeling playful?

679af99b7b54c91fad6d149fc4f90c52 You are poised and confident, ready to take on the world!

Or maybe the last one is the Tiger that perfectly fits you???



185af332413c536fe97b61249628f525  5f37935203371e9e88da88a686fce76d

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