Share a Smile!



HI! Just peeking in on you.  I hope that everyone is enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

Owls are known for being very wise, so I had a thought. You can decide if it was a wise one or not! What is something wise that you have heard and will always remember?

Owls may be wise, but I am sure that there are times when they and all other animals find us humans very perplexing! What is something that perplexed you this past week?


Monkeys are known to be silly! What silly, amusing thing happened to you this week?


Lions are the Kings of the Jungle but even lions can get embarrassed at times! I know that there have been plenty of times I have felt like the lion below.  All I have to do is get in my car and …  welll ….  oh the stories the dents could tell.  But, what about you?

Feel free to share any answers below if you would like. Share a smile with us!


15 thoughts on “Share a Smile!

  1. you always have something interesting for us to think about Carolyn, why I love reading your posts, nothing comes to mind right now but I am reflecting on your wise words and questions. I love quotes just can’t recall them off hand!! LOL!!


  2. I was once told “just say thank you”. Seems like a silly piece of advice, but it speaks volumes when you don’t know how to accept something graciously. Or you don’t think you deserve it (but you do).


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