Suspense builds … “The Starfish of the Sea Cafe” Part 2

If you missed it here is the link to Part 1 that was posted on Thursday. “The Starfish of the Sea Cafe”

Lana and Lucy continued staring at each other and started guessing the names of people that they thought may perhaps have sent the flowers. As they started walking again in the soft sand their minds were still going.

Lana shook her head at the last name that Lucy had given. “I don’t know, I am so confused. If only the card would say a little more on it than just my name. More details surely would be helpful!”

Lucy nodded her head as she bent down to gently pick up a pretty pink butterfly shell. They were so fragile.

“I agree. It really does make you wonder who your secret admirer is.”  She smirked as she looked at Lana, who rolled her eyes in return.

They enjoyed the rest of the day walking and talking and lying on the beach as they read.

Thanks to Lucy, they had a a whole flock of seagulls making a large circle around them. They were drawing closer and closer to their towels. Lucy had a pack of unsalted sunflower seeds that she was throwing out to them. She had read that they were very good for seagulls.

They stayed on the beach to watch the sunset. Seeing the sun set over the water was so beautiful, nothing compared. They were quiet for awhile as they watched, each lost in their own thoughts as they listened to the waves speak and felt the magic of the night.

Later on that night they enjoyed walking through the town and visiting their shops. They stopped in at the Starfish of the Sea Cafe to enjoy a late night bite and some tea. Lana had ordered a piece of coconut cream pie. It was served on a cute seashell plate. She really was going to miss this place when she went back home.

They finished up their cups of  soothing Chamomile tea and walked back to the hotel. When they entered the lobby, Lucy saw a bouquet of purple orchids sitting on the front desk. She gave Lana a little nudge and pointed at them.

“They are so pretty!” Lana said as she looked at them. Then the clerk at the desk looked up and met her eyes. He smiled as he called her over.

“These flowers are for you Miss.” and he pointed to the orchids.

Lucy was grinning ear to ear and Lana managed to stammer out a Thank You as she picked up the beautiful orchids.

When back in their room she pulled out the card and this time there was a little more written on it. “For the lady whose smile makes my heart bloom!:

“We are definitely dealing with a secret admirer here!” said Lucy

Lana tried to hide her blushing face behind a pillow as Lucy laughed.

Downstairs in the lobby Roman was sitting and staring straight ahead with a smile on his face.

A  couple came up to the desk to check in. After they left ,  he  picked up a book to read as it was getting late and he wasn’t expecting any other new guests to arrive.

After a few minutes of reading he stopped and pulled out a piece of paper writing a note to himself. Call Sherry’s Chocolates and order a box of a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. He thought they would be a nice addition to the Star Lilies that he was also picking up tomorrow.






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