“The Starfish of the Sea Cafe”

Lana walked into the quaint cafe and sat down by a beautiful fountain that resembled the ocean. She loved listening to the water cascading down like waves. The walls were painted with ocean waves and seashells in the sand.  There was a variety of brightly colored fish and starfish swimming in the waves. She was mesmerized by the paintings, it looked like the waves were coming off the wall. This may  very well turn out to be her favorite cafe for the week that she was here.

Lana had decided to take a week excursion to a place that she had never been before. She was a teacher and her summer vacation was almost over. She wanted to relax and enjoy some solitude before the school year started.

She was looking forward to the school year starting, was planning on this year being much better. Last year was her very first year and she had been so nervous about it. This year she felt much more prepared.

Yesterday her plane had landed. She was excited to explore, but jet lag had got the best of her, so she didn’t see much besides her hotel room. Though she did walk outside her room and sink her feet into the sand while she stared at the waves. Really she didn’t need to explore any further than here, here was her happy place and she was at peace! Her curiosity though got the best of her today, so after a morning at the beach she had cleaned up and got dressed to take a walk into town.

“The Starfish of the Sea Cafe” had captured her attention by its name and that was how she had walked into this lovely ocean cafe!

Lana realized that she better look at the menu for the waitress would probably soon be coming. She picked it up just as the waitress came to her table. To Lana’s surprise the waitress put a bowl of Cream of Crab soup in front of her along with her favorite Latte.

“Wait! This can’t be for me, you must have the wrong table, I didn’t even order yet.”  Lana said to the waitress.

“You are Lana, right?”

Lana’s eyes got big as she replied hesitantly “um…yes, that is my name, but…”

“Then this is for you.” replied the waitress with a smile. She turned around and her red curls bounced as she quickly walked to the next table to take their order.

Lana stared at what had been placed in front of her. Goosebumps were breaking out on her arms. How did the waitress know her name and how did she know her favorite kind of soup and latte??? Lana couldn’t even eat at first, she was in too much shock. Finally she did start sipping at her Latte and tried some of soup, it was simply delicious.

Kelly, her waitress came to ask how everything was and Lana told her but then she quickly said. “I need to ask you a question. How did you know my name? ”

Kelly blushed, ” I am sorry, but I can’t tell you. Just know that all the meals you get here have already been paid for, have a wonderful day!” and again a smile lit up her face reaching all the way to her sea blue eyes before she turned and walked away.

Lana gulped! Now the wheels were really  turning quickly in her mind. What was going on??  She started wondering about the week ahead of her, feeling like she may be in for much more of an adventure than she had planned on!

She left the cafe and thought that perhaps she needed to go lie on the beach to stop her whirling mind. So she walked back to her hotel room to change. When she walked past the front desk, the lady behind the counter called out her name. Lana turned and the lady motioned her to come up to the desk. Sitting on the desk was a beautiful bouquet of pansies and baby’s breath. It was so colorful and it almost took her breath away when she realized it was for her. There was a card with her name on it and that was it, it had been left unsigned.

As Lana carried them to her room she felt like she was walking in a dream. Someone obviously knew she was here. Were they here too or had this been planned by the “mystery person” all in advance?

She opened her  door and was grabbed from behind. Lana let out a shriek until she realized who it was! It was her crazy and amazing friend Lucy!

“You didn’t think I could really let you come to enjoy this wonderful little island all by yourself did you?”

Lana was speechless as she stammered out, “but … but…I thought you had other plans?”

“I did, but they got cancelled and so I thought I would surprise you and have a little fun with it at first. Did you enjoy your latte and soup?”  she say with a coy smile.

Lana bopped her with a pillow.

“Oh my gosh! You had me totally freaked out you nut I can’t believe you are here! We are going to have a blast!”

They were laughing as they quickly changed for the beach and headed out the door. Soon they were walking along ocean’s edge talking and looking for seashells.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you, who were those gorgeous flowers from that I almost knocked out of your hand when I surprised you?”, asked Lucy.

Lana laughed, ” I am pretty confident they were from you my tricky friend! You can fess up now, and Thank you, you know that pansies are my favorite flower.”

Lucy stopped walking as she turned to Lana and said, “Those pansies weren’t from me, I had nothing to do with that! Wasn’t there a name on the card?”

Lana felt a wave hit her in the back as her heart started thumping. “No, there wasn’t any name on the card except mine!”

Lana asked the question that they both were wondering, ” But if you didn’t send the flowers than who did?”

They stared at each other dropping  the seashells that had been in their hands as another wave crashed down on them.





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