Sounds of School

One parent finds it hard to stop talking to their child, even though they are all moved in. With one more hug goodbye the parent walks away from her child’s dorm room and wipes at the tears that they had been trying to hide.

One parent finishes up school shopping for their child who is about to enter Middle School. Gone are the days of the cute backpacks, now they need something cool!

One parent tucks their excited 5 year old into bed, as they babble on about being so excited to ride the  big yellow bus and the parent tries to swallow the lump in their throat. Where did their little boy go?

School time is in the air and some kids are excited while others drag their feet and groan.

Once again there will be noisy buses with the chatter of many students, while some try to drown out the chatter with earbuds as they lose themselves in the music.

School hallways around the world once more will be filled with the sound of students. Some happy as they wave to their friends and some dreading the test that is coming. Wishing that school would suddenly dismiss early and save them from the test!

Students of all ages and sizes will be walking through the school doors. Students from all different backgrounds, coming together for one sole purpose. To learn. To get an education,  to help prepare them for a future where they can strive to make their dreams come true.

School is in session again and I pray that the sound of gunshots will be one thing that is not heard in the hallways this year, for every child deserves to have an education that’s not interrupted by the sound of gunfire or by the sight of the splattered blood of their classmates.  Our children are walking into the doors of a school, not into some House of Horrors.

May this year be the year where the sound of gunshots ringing throughout a school will be forever silenced!



14 thoughts on “Sounds of School

  1. “May this year (as noted)………………..” indeed. However, it is illogical to expect any change unless the lawmakers make some changes ……. and that looks rather questionable with your current government.

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