A Weekend of Blessings!

Today has been a good day! My sister and her family came for a visit. Always nice to see them.  We got together at my parents and just enjoyed chatting. Every time I see my nephews its like they grow taller, even though being in their 20’s now they are done growing. My niece is married now so its nice to enjoy another nephew in the family. Tomorrow I get to see my other sister and her family for a little when we stop in on the way back from visiting a dear friend!

It is a weekend of enjoying family and friends that are like family. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to visit my wonderful friend Sherry and her family, who are very dear to me. We always have a great time together!

One thing that we usually do when we get together is play games. There seems to be a pattern that has developed  when we play games. Sherry pretty much always wins! So I am going to make a prediction to all of you. I am predicting that tomorrow the tables will turn and I will win most of the games. Whether its card games or miniature golf. We thought of doing that if its not too hot and humid or raining. Of course we may have the miniature golf course to ourselves if its raining.

I will let you know if my prediction comes true. Whether or not it comes true, it won’t change the fact that we will have a fun day of connecting face to face with each other again and how grateful I am for our 20 plus years of friendship.  A friendship that is still growing strong.

Relationships are so very special! In this world of ever increasing technology where they always seem to be advertising something that is bigger and better, there is one thing that technology just can’t do. They can’t make anything that compares to the love between humans. There is nothing that will ever take the place of having another caring soul to relate too. The bonds we make between our hearts and the hearts of the ones we hold so dear are priceless and they always will be!

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