A Pancake Morning at the North Pole

Jinx and Jangle were up early this morning, for Jinx had breakfast to prepare.  It was nice this time of year at the North Pole. A slower pace, before things got crazy in a couple months with all the preparations for  Christmas.

Jinx was cooking up his special omelets and making pancakes. He had just tried to flip one in the air like those fancy chefs do, but it didn’t exactly work out too well. Santa’s special chef was really good at that, but he had the day off . Every week Santa would give him the day off and one of the other elves would be picked to make breakfast for everyone. This week Jinx’s name was drawn. He didn’t mind, he was just relieved like everyone else that Coal’s name hadn’t come up. He tended to burn the food a lot!

Jangle had come over to the kitchen with him but he wasn’t exactly helping. Instead his nose was buried in a book.

“Hey Jinx, this book is really good, you will have to read it when I’m done.”

Jangle loved this part of his job. He had the task of reading the new books that came to the North Pole.  He was the one that decided whether they were worthy of being put on the list for new Christmas gifts.  Being an avid reader, he couldn’t think of a better job.

Jinx heard Jangle laughing as he was finishing up with his cooking.

“Wow Jinx, these characters sure do get themselves into some crazy predicaments! I thought crazy things happened to us, like when we were at The North Pole Olympics

I do believe these characters may have us beat though, as far as wild adventures go! They rode in a Hot Air Balloon! Have you ever done that Jinx? Jinx? Are you there, you are being awfully quiet! Jinx?”

“Yes.”  replied Jinx.

Jangle looked up and saw Jinx coming out of the kitchen carrying a plate with a heaping stack of pancakes on it. The pancakes at the top were shaking and Jangle was afraid of what may happen, so he rushed towards Jinx to help him carry the plate and CRASH!

The plate fell and the pancakes scattered all over the floor!

“Oh Jinx, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to bump you! I guess you may like my help to make more pancakes?”

“Yes” replied Jinx, as he started to pick up the pancakes.

Jangle looked over at his book, but it would have to wait. He was really curious though as to what happened to them all on their Hot Air Balloon ride.  He started to chuckle as he remembered the dialogue that he had just read between 2 of the characters.

As Jinx and him walked back to the kitchen Jangle said, “Take a seat Jinx, I will mix the pancake batter together and tell you about what I just read, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Does that sound good?”

“Yes” answered Jinx and he took a seat wearing a smile already as he watched Jangle being the one to do the work now.

*Jinx and Jangle may be fictional characters who I have fun writing about, but the book Jangle was reading is very real! “The Odessa Chronicles” is available now directly from Friesen Press and and other online book retailers. As Jangle said, the characters have many crazy adventures. I believe the characters will warm your heart and bring a smile. If you would like to know more about The Hot Air Balloon adventure that Jangle was talking about feel free to visit Colin’s blog and read his excerpt about it at  https://meandray.com/2018/07/30/the-balloon-adventure/

14 thoughts on “A Pancake Morning at the North Pole

  1. Happy National Book Lovers Day! Benjamin is not with me today…it’s a Mommy and Me Day, before Mommy goes on a business trip tomorrow. Daddy is also going to be working away from their home state. That gives this Gem 3 Benjamin Days starting tomorrow and lots of things planned. Adventuring if weather permits, a trip to the aquarium with his Auntie, painting projects, new puzzles and lots of books to be read. He will love hearing another Jinx and Jangle tale too! I must add, that is a clever addition too! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Every day should be National Book Lovers Day! I hope Benjamin had a great time with his Mommy today. How wonderful that you get to have him for 3 days! Sounds like you have an awesome time planned for him. What a special “Gem you are! 🙂
      Thanks for your words and glad you enjoyed the tale. I was thinking of Benjamin when I decided that I needed to write another one Jinx and Jangle tale. 🙂


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