Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Tuesday is here! A day to smile about, for every day should be a day to be happy about right? You never know what surprises could be in store for you and even if your day sometimes doesn’t go as planned, you still can find a “nugget of gold” in it if you are looking for it.  I hope these quotes can bring some gold nuggets your way today.


  1. c87c448999ced9371d24198d9d5ea3f4
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  3. cae9e412cef9771feca4817768e48f96
  4. quote-a-book-dream
  5. quote-who-can-you
  6. quote-everyday-sparkle 🙂
  7. quote-what-difference
  8. funny-paper-towels No, I wasn’t asked to bring paper towels, it was paper plates! Just Kidding! 🙂 cde74cdceb651e0455589f74eb0a580e
  9. persistence_u-l-f4tfzc0
  10. quote-cake-delicious-570x570



16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. If I could be anyone in the world, other than myself, I would want to be Jane Goodall! She is the most amazing woman and my hero. Need I add that her quote, that I re-quote often, is my favorite? Thank-you!

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