Who is Jaxon?

Happy Monday everyone! Did you happen to look out your window this morning and see a Jackalope? You never know where Jaxon may show up!

Colin, from https://meandray.com/  and I have collaborated together on a Children’s book of stories for all ages and it has been a wonderful feeling knowing that it has finally been  released! “The Odessa Chronicles”, is now available through Amazon and the Friesen Press online bookstore, as well as all other online book retailers.

The stories consist of crazy, fun adventures that involve a barn owl named Odessa, a cat named Dewey, a jackalope named Jaxon and the very patient “man-servant”, who tries to keep his sanity in dealing with everyone. They all live together on Moonbeam Farm, but the story starts before that.

Colin shared the story about Jaxon on his blog and I thought I would give my readers a peek into “The Odessa Chronicles” as well. I know we have some mutual followers, so I apologize for a repeat. Hopefully you can still enjoy the story a second time around.

This is Part 1 of the story, Part 2 will be posted on Wednesday. May it bring you SMILES!


Once upon a time, many years ago, and while the Creator was populating the earth with creatures, there was so much work to be done that an apprentice was eventually trained. Creating creatures was very skillful work and, under the direction of the Creator, he gained a lot of experience and eventually became very good at it.

The apprentice decided that, late one night, he would make a creature for himself. He knew this would have to be a secret, as the Creator often made it quite clear that all potential creatures must be pre-approved, and then only created under direct supervision.

He wanted to combine the agility and jumping abilities of a jack rabbit, with the tenacity and weaponry of an antelope. The unfortunate result was a creature with limited agility because of its horns, and a level of tenacity that would be scorned by other animals because of its small size. The apprentice broke the Creator’s first rule, which was that all creatures had to have sufficient skills to ensure their survival. He immediately realized that his creature (he called a Jackalope) would not survive very long in this new world. Much as he wanted to keep his creation a secret, he did eventually decide to tell the Creator what he had done, as he really hoped that his Jackalope could be saved.

As can be imagined, the Creator was very disappointed that the apprentice had made such a selfish decision to make himself a creature, and posed two questions: “What right do you think you have to create life without understanding all that is involved? What right do you think you have to create this poor creature, who cannot possibly survive in this environment?”

The apprentice was very ashamed of what he had done. He had wanted a creature for himself, but had not considered the possible problems that might come with not knowing all that was necessary. He now looked at the poor little Jackalope and cried, because he saw no future for it. The Creator saw that the apprentice was punishing himself sufficiently, and was pretty certain that he would not do it again, and so he rested his hand on the apprentice’s shoulder and said, “Your Jackalope will live. I have a plan. You can go home now, while I see what I can do here.”

11 thoughts on “Who is Jaxon?

  1. The weather has been so lovely that Benjamin and I spent most of these past two day “adventuring” with a backpack of snacks. This becomes a place to stash his collected “treasures” for the walk back home. After tubbie time fun, we came to my computer. After finding this post I jumped right past the intro down to the story and began reading. As I got into the third paragraph, Benjamin said : “Wait Gem, I know this story, it’s how Jaxon was borned!” I asked if he wanted me to stop or go on reading. He said : “I love this story again and the next time too!” Thank-you x 2!!

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