Home Sweet Home!

We are back from vacation! We are tired from the long drive but we are happy. Happy to be in our own home. Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time visiting family, but ti just hit me as I was walking around the house putting stuff away at how good it feels when you come home.

You can flop on the couch and just stare at the wall if you want, you can walk around the house with one sock on and one sock off if you so desire or bundle up in your robe, even though its still early. The point is that its your house, your home and you can feel comfortable doing whatever you want to do. There’s a special warmth and coziness in being home, no matter what wonderful places you may go visit, its always nice to come back home!

As I was soaking in the feeling of being home, it struck me how sadly not everyone can experience the warm, cozy feeling of “being home.”  For many people, home is a park bench, under a bridge or on a street corner. I ache at that and it reminded me how not to take my home for granted. Not to take my family for granted. I just can’t imagine how it would feel to be all alone in this big world and so I say a prayer of Thanks and I pray for those out there who don’t have a home and for my heart to always have compassion to help them.

We all desire to belong, to have somewhere where we can go and everyone knows our name and they are glad we came. Perhaps its being tired from the the long road trip, but somehow the theme song from the old Tv show “Cheers” is running through my mind. Some people just want to go where someone knows their name.

Colin, a friend and wonderful writer, wrote a powerful poem about the ones who have no home.  Here is a link to his post, https://meandray.com/2018/06/13/the-project/  and if you are someone who likes moving, thought provoking, easy to understand poetry I highly recommend his book, “Just Thinking”, it will touch your heart!


20 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. Thank you Carolyn for presenting “The Project” to your Followers. It is worth noting that on the linked page, there is a further link to see it on amazon.ca. That link will take you to a nice overview of the book. Again, many thanks. C. 🙂

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  2. welcome home! yes i love the comfort of my tiny house too, the familiar smells and things I like looking at. It is a happy thought for me that you enjoy the same comfort too. I read your post link to Colin’s blog and it is a very beautiful poem. I wrote about a homeless man once upon a time when I first started blogging, your words reminded me of him and that story. Thank you for introducing Colin’s poem, it was a very touching poem. Now enjoy your time “cozied” up at home!

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    • Thank you Gina. After a quick run to the grocery store I did enjoy being cozy at home in my robe. 🙂
      Glad you liked Colin’s poem, he really does have a way with words!
      Nice that his poem could bring back a memory for you.

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  3. I enjoyed your piece on returning home. I know that feeling well. After vacation or whatever, sleeping in your bed, or sitting in front of your own TV, or on the back yard is much better, like even though you vacationed to relax too, you can’t truly relax but in Home. I very much agree with you,mits not right that many don’t have a home, and I think for some of these men and women, and even others, Home is not a location, but it’s with your tribe or your people. whoever they maybe. In our downtown there are many homeless, and one man told me his buddies, whom he travels with are his family, so he feels quite lucky. I love that you linked Colin’s poems. I recall it very well, and remembered it when you mentioned it, he captures that lonileness and sense of being not even worth noticing well (but too well). I would think most of this are guilty of this at one point or another, and I do think saying high and noticing them — basically saying your worth my time to say hello and chat with, like any other human I pass, is important. I can’t akways give change, but a few words and a bus ticket is something, even just saying hi, as you say. My god dad used to run a mission in Edmonton called the Rock, where an old Lutheran church became aplace for the homeless, Breakfast three times a week, and eventually some other meals, it had Monday Night kids activities, and snacks, and diverse events to help these people. The fact they could get a full breakfast, take some with them, and eat as much as they like made a huge difference. Whether they took it with them for a friend or relative, or for a later meal didn’t matter. It worked well, as many grocery stores donated food that wasn’t quite fresh, bu5 would’ve been water such as bread, syrup, flour, peanut butter, pasteties, fruit, etc.
    Anyways, I think these programs are good as they help people feel like somebody worth talking to and feeding, and your right, no one should not have a home. Even a tiny house, as they do on HGTV, would make a big difference, especially during cold winters.
    Cheers and enjoy relaxing at home again, and basking in being a published author. You, Colin, & Jodi (your illustrator), all deserve it! 🤗❤️🍹

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mandi! You raise a good point about “home” not always being a location.
      Yes, those programs that you me motioned are very good. I think it’s great the people that organize them and make them possible.
      Like you said acknowledging them can sometimes go a longer way then giving them money . It makes them feel valued and that’s so important! Just taking 5 minutes to chat can mean so much.

      Thank you for the congrats on our book. I am still basking in it and eagerly anticipating holding the book in my hands very soon!! 🙂

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  4. I love coming home as much as I enjoy going on vacation maybe except for the dirty laundry! 🙂 There is something peaceful about coming home to a house full of cats (who are going to punish you for being away) and tons of cat hair in places where they are not allowed!

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    • Yes, dirty laundry is never fun to come home too, its never ending though, isn’t it. 🙂 I hear you about coming home to our beloved pets. Love the doggy kisses and dogs may not quite punish you like cats do for being away, BUT… they can show attitude. Especially our Yorkie. Our Sheltie is more forgiving. 🙂

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