Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When words give your heart a hug!

Keep diving into life and see what beautiful diamonds lie beneath the surface!

High School friends … 25 plus years later, may cause hair to be thinner, but the bond of friendship stays strong.

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Totally agree with #1…Benjamin’s words do that to me all the time. #2 I would have expected you to say “see what nuggets of gold lie beneath the surface.” But, diamonds are great finds too! #3 Friendship can weather distance and time. Are you going to tell which of these handsome fellas is Brad? Thank-you!

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    • Glad you liked number one, it was inspired by Benjamin’s words. 🙂
      Yes “nuggets of gold” would have worked as well. 🙂
      My handsome hubby is the one on the left with the blue shirt. 🙂


  2. Benjamin inspires me everyday and I am delighted that he was able to inspire you as well. I repeat these words often, but do not know their origin : “Grandchildren fill a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.” My prayer is that sometime in the future you will be blessed to experience the same gift. That fella in blue has a devilish smile!

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    • Awh! Great quote, gives me goosebumps. Yes I look very forward to having grandchildren someday hopefully! Thank you for your prayer
      And yup my husband has quite the smile! 🙂


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