Smiling in the Rain

We are in the cornfields of Indiana. Yes, the rain followed us from Pa.!

The rain hasn’t stopped the fun though. Brad still played kick ball at his reunion on Saturday. It was just raining lightly and I told him how the reunion only happens once a year. Told him it’s good exercise, that it will get his adrenaline flowing. I was such a good encourager as I sat on the bench in the dry.

I would have been out in the rain,if my knee would be in better shape. It is getting there though. Doing a lot better! Kickball is one sport I actually like.

Baseball I swing at the air, basketball, well I believe its fairly obvious due to the net being a little too high, soccer is fun but there is a lot of running in soccer. We played it with the kids when they were younger. They didn’t run as fast then.

Kick the ball (your cares) high into the sky today. Make lots of baskets and may you smack hard whatever you are aiming for today. If you miss and hit the air, do a happy dance anyway! Keep people wondering, and make them smile while watching you!

16 thoughts on “Smiling in the Rain

  1. Iโ€™m glad your having a good time and enjoying yourselves. Glad your knee is healing and that youโ€™re having fun. Great advice ๐Ÿ™‚


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