Smile Time!

Happy Thursday everyone! Is your brain feeling a little sluggish from the sun? Or perhaps the rain is making you tired.  Perhaps you aren’t sluggish at all, but bright eyed and bushy tailed. That is great for then I have a question for you, its not hard, I promise!

A little while back I had asked for a short phrase that you wouldn’t want to hear. One of my examples was, “The secret is….”  and just leaving it at that, my curious brain would be spinning its wheels trying to figure it out.

I decided that I should balance things out and give you a chance to  answer the question about a  phrase that would make you smile. What would make you happy to hear right now? No need to think too hard, be spontaneous. The first thing that comes to my mind is hearing a friend say, “Let’s get together!”  That’s always guaranteed to make me smile.

Conversations with Odessa, Dewey, Jaxon and the man-servant can make me smile as well, though there are times that certain phrases from them can also make me shake my head and be perplexed. You never quite know what they are going to say!

Oh yes, there is another phrase that keeps coming to my mind. One that I would love to hear my dear husband say.  Here is a phrase that I heard from him  last month. “Make sure to save the date of July 11th on the calendar, for a special surprise…”  So can you guess what I would love to hear him say now?  ” A clue to your surprise is….”  🙂 Yes, I do have a great hubby, I am thankful for the special things he plans for me, but yes I would love at least a hint!

What phrase would you like to hear?  Feel free to share below, spread the smiles around!








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