Freedom of Love

As I think of freedom today, I think about more than just the Freedom of our Country.

I think about the poor woman who is trapped in an abusive marriage, wanting to find freedom from the pain.

The little  child who is neglected, and all they want is for someone to love them. They want freedom from feeling unlovable.

Freedom for the person who is tired of hiding behind a mask, but yet afraid to take it off.

Freedom for the scared, pregnant teenager who doesn’t know what to do, who needs someone to guide her and show her that she’s not alone.

I think of the one who longs to have freedom from the worries of where their next meal will come from, and if they can survive another night on the street.

Freedom for the one who holds so much pain their heart, not knowing  how to let go!

Yes, today is a celebration of freedom for America, and as I think of that, I think of the Statue of Liberty and what it says!


Let us not forget those words. Those are words that sound like they are coming from a Country made up of caring people. Let us not forget to care. To remember the freedom that we have to lend a helping hand to our neighbor and show kindness, compassion, and love to others. There is nothing that should restrain that. When you open your heart to giving and receiving love, that is the best freedom of all!


15 thoughts on “Freedom of Love

  1. After a few more years of the global labor shortage, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up desperately trying to attract more immigrants to work here — and most will prefer to go somewhere else instead, because they’ll think of America as an unwelcoming country where nobody cares. That damage will take a very long time to undo.

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