Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy July everyone! The year just keeps speeding by. Some days at a nice relaxing, leisurely pace and other days perhaps you feel like you are barely holding on to the train as it speeds along! I hope you can find some relaxing moments today amidst your schedule. Take a break and move at ferret speed. That’s a term that my husband came up with when we were all walking in the woods. Yes, we were walking with the dogs, but also with one of our ferrets.  Yes, they make tiny enough leashes for ferrets and the ferrets love them!

It is so funny to watch people’s reactions as they walk by, whether we be walking on our road or in the woods. They smile at us and our dogs, saying HI, or nodding their heads and then  they  turn around again to take another look. Wanting to be sure that they saw what they think they saw.  We stop as they walk towards us and we have a friendly conversation about ferrets.  It is fun to hear people’s reactions.  Keep your eyes open if you go on a walk today, you just never know what you may see, what may make you look twice! 🙂


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  8. abraham lincoln quotes on success  When we know someone believes in us, it can make such a difference!
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16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I really do love all the quotes today and couldn’t choose. Maybe it’s because I was giggling thinking about the ferret walking with the dogs. I have seen people walk their ferrets but it’s still funny the sane as people who have those miniature pigs or even cats. Is your ferret well behaved? Would he let others pet him or does he play with the dogs at all? Thanks for the morning smiles. I’m glad your summer is going well 🙂

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  2. I love #1 and #2, but #10 steals my heart this week. Today, we welcomed a brand new baby granddaughter to our family. A wonderful moment in time forever etched in my brain with love!!!!

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