Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning to all of you who are starting your day and Good evening to those who may be winding up their day! What things make you happy? I am thinking today’s quotes will be a little more on the lighter side, being that I posted a rather heavy post yesterday. Today lets focus on the positive.  Feel free to comment below about something that makes you happy and/or what quotes you liked the best today.  A memory that I am smiling about right now is being with my 2 kids at 12:30am last night laughing together. One of those unplanned, spontaneous times, and hey everything is funnier when you are extra tired, right? 🙂  I hope you can feel joy in your heart today!

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What is Happening?

My heart has been troubled for awhile, my eyes wet with tears as I watch and read the news,  but yet I hesitated making a post about this.  I decided though that sometimes things just need to be said and I believe this is one of those times.  We need to speak up America!!

My heart cries at what is going on in America right now, specifically at the borders in Texas. Children being taken from their parents!!  This is modern day America, 2018, and we are forcefully separating children from their parents! What is happening to America?!  I really have no words but I know I can’t stay silent,  and sometimes pictures can speak louder!





Hidden Beauty

Photo credit to Laura Bailey from https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/

My story below has nothing to do with Father’s Day, but I do want to give a shout out to my wonderful husband, the father of our children and to my Dad! So very thankful for them and cherish the moments I have with them. My heart also goes out to my dear friends who no longer have their father living. Special hugs and love to them today and to you if you are missing your Dad today or if  you are a Dad and can’t be with your children. I hope that today can still have a surprise touch in it to make it special for you.

Now back to the original programming after that commercial.

Laura put a challenge on her blog, that I thought I would try for today. It is open to anyone , take the word mysterious and write a story, or poem or post some artwork around it.  Join in, use your imagination! Its all up to you! Just please link back to her blog  if you decide to participate, so that others can see your post.Thank you Laura for the challenge.



Legend tells of a old, dilapidated house that has been around for years. There is known to be a old lady who lives inside the dreary looking house. No one knows her name, for no one ever visits. Some try to peek in the windows when she is inside. They see the peeling paint inside and cobwebs on the window.  They are trying though to catch a glimpse of the old lady moving about, but they run away as soon as she looks their way. They run away, not seeing the tear stains on her cheek. Everyone talks about how crazy she must be to live in a falling apart house, but they never stop to chat if they see her standing outside. They just shake their heads in disgust as they walk by.

Everything changes though on the nights of a full moon. Legend tells that suddenly the whole house transforms into a grand Palace!  That people come from everywhere to see the Palace . Ones who before walked away from the house in disgust are now curious at the magnificent beauty.  The Palace  lights up with a thousand lights, almost blinding to the eye.  You can see perfectly through the large windows to the inside that is decorated as fancy as can be. From the swinging chandeliers, to the fancy art on the wall to the marble floors.

There is believed to be a Princess who dances in the Palace  all alone.  Those who see her say that her ruby red gown is exquisite , that it glitters with gold beads.  Her amber colored hair flows down her back, looking like an angel.

If she happens  to look your way it is like her eyes can see right through you and it sends a shiver down your spine. Her emerald green eyes sparkle as she dances.  Everyone who watches her sees her hold her arms just right, as if she was dancing with someone, but yet  no one else can be seen. She glides as she waltzes to the beautiful, haunting melody of a lone violin. There is no violin to be seen though , no musicians are in sight.

The dance continues on through the night and the lone violin keeps playing its song. It isn’t  until dawn starts  breaking that suddenly the Princess disappears. She may take one more piercing long look at you, if you were watching, and then turns her back and walks away.  The Palace starts to crumble down around her. Within minutes the Palace is gone and the old, dilapidated house stands in its  place once more.

It stands  waiting, waiting for the next full moon.

The Hurting Hearts

About a month ago I posted a 2 part story, that I said may have a 3rd part coming. I wasn’t sure whether to post this one because unlike Part 2, this leaves you hanging some.  I know though that some of you said how you wanted to read more, so I decided to share it. Yes, I will warn you, this story continues to be sad for now.  Here is the link to part 2 if you missed it.  The Wings of Love… Part 2  Thanks for reading and would love to know your thoughts, even if you don’t like it, you are always welcome to comment.

  The Hurting Hearts, (Part 3)

Madeline was jolted out of her memories when she heard the beeping of the horn from the taxi. She grabbed her suitcase and headed out the door with tears still fresh upon her cheek. She looked out the window as the houses sped past. She wondered about the families inside of them. Had they faced heartbreak like her? Houses can shelter you from the raging storms outside,  but they can’t shelter you from the storms that rage in your heart.  The storms that come with no warning,  when  you feel like your life has been torn apart!

She longed to already be at the beach. The beach was a place of serenity for her, a place where she could let the waves speak to her tortured soul. 

At last she finally arrived.  She stepped out of the taxi and the smell of the saltwater filled her senses and she heard the seagulls calling.  She quickly paid the driver and  took her luggage to her condo, but didn’t stay at the condo long. She would unpack when she got back, right now the beach was calling her name and she had to answer.

The waves crashed up against the shore. She had walked along the beach for quite awhile, now she just stood letting her feet sink into the sand as she watched the  huge waves. She watched as they would come and kiss the shore with passion and then flow back into the ocean again. The sky was growing darker by the minute, and the waves kept growing. 

Madeline stood there watching them. Knowing she should head back to her condo, but feeling mesmerized and not able to move. Another one came and she felt the spray from being too close, she needed to move back, but she didn’t. What would happen if she stayed? Would the waves sweep her under and away? Would she be set free from her load of pain? Should she stay? She had no words, but she felt like the waves were speaking to her. What were they trying to say?

She jumped as thunder cracked through the sky and another large wave rolled in. Turning to run back to the condo she spotted something lying in the sand, half buried. What was it? A bottle filled with purple balloons. Who would put purple balloons in a bottle and why? She grabbed it as the rain began to pelt down on her and she ran back to her condo.

After a hot shower and some cold pizza she stretched out on the couch. Her gaze landed on the bottle again that she had set on her desk. Seeing the purple balloons made her think of Connor. O to hear his laugh again! He always laughed when the balloon would rub up against his face.

 Why did she grab the bottle of balloons? What would she do with it? She looked at the bottle wondering about the story behind it. No one just accidentally stuffs balloons into a bottle. She knew that messages could be put in bottles and thrown out to sea, but balloons? She decided to put it on her desk for now because it made her remember her precious little boy.


Drew pulled out another frozen TV dinner to put in the microwave. They definitely were far from being the tastiest kind of food that he could have, but these days he didn’t care about taste. Everything tasted bland to him, things had lost their taste and life had lost its color. Everything seemed to be a dull gray.  He really wasn’t hungry, but forced himself to eat anyway.  Forced himself to eat because he knew he had to, but eating still couldn’t distract him from the questions running through his mind.  What was he doing? Why had he left Madeline?  She knew he still loved her, that he just needed some time away, but what was he thinking? She was as heartbroken as he was!  She needed him! 

He hung his head in shame. He couldn’t get her haunting eyes out of his mind as she watched him pack the car and leave. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t need too. Her eyes had said it all.  Madeline always wore her heart on her sleeve. You could see the emotions dancing on her face.  She was hurting terribly and he was putting one more knife in her heart.  What kind of husband would do that?  He still remembered their last kiss as he hugged her goodbye. They clung to each other as tears poured out like a waterfall from her. They stood there weeping, 2 broken people who were lost and didn’t have a clue as to what to do. 

 He really didn’t want to leave, but he knew he couldn’t stay. He couldn’t face seeing the anguish in her face, the deep sadness in the eyes that used to sparkle! Most of all he missed her laugh, her laugh was like the sound of bells, it had always made him smile. Madeline could always laugh, it was her gift, she knew how to find the joy in things. But when Connor died her it seemed that her laughter had died with him.

The house felt like a tomb, they walked around the house barely saying a word to each other. Memories of Conner would jump out at him in every corner of the house.  He just couldn’t handle it. They each were caught up in their own sorrow. They didn’t have the strength to hold the other one up. They cried together, but it seemed like they couldn’t do much more than that. He needed to get away, he needed to breathe! He felt like he was drowning and somehow he needed to find a way to come up for air.

Crash! The glass that he flung across the room hit the lamp and shattered as pieces fell to the floor. Drew looked at the broken pieces scattered around, feeling like they were the shattered pieces of his heart.



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

History is recorded in history books so that we don’t forget … Our stories are written in our journals, so that we can look back and be reminded of the memories we don’t want to forget.

Christopher Robin is coming … did you hear…I foresee a trip to the movie theater … for one is never too old for Winnie the Pooh!


How do you spell love today? What has touched your heart this week?






The Woods of Whispering Lake

“What a lovely day it is for a walk in the woods!”  said Jinx, as they were walking through the woods and watching the squirrels scamper and hearing the birds call to each other.

Jangle agreed, this was a nice break from being at the North Pole.  They were on vacation for 2 weeks and decided to go somewhere that they hadn’t been before.  They decided to go to a place called , “The Town of Whispering Lake”,  It had a magical feel to it and today they were exploring the woods.

“Hey Jinx, did you feel that?”

“Feel what … oh that….yes, I believe it may be starting to rain.”

“You are a genius Jinx, so what do you suggest? We are quite a far way from our car.”

Jinx and Jangle stood there for a little as the drops started to fall more rapidly. They were looking around when Jangle spotted it.

“Look! Over there, by those cluster of trees, there is a little house. Perhaps whoever lives there would be nice enough to invite us in until the rain stops.”

Jinx decided it really was there only option as the rain started falling harder. He didn’t mind walking in the rain, but the sky was growing darker and it appeared that a storm was on its way.

They ran to the house and knocked on the door but there was no response. They knocked again and still there was silence. As Jangle went to knock one more time the door opened slightly, it hadn’t been latched securely.  They timidly walked in calling out “Hellloo! Anyone home?”

They looked around the nice home.  There was quite large furniture in the room and there were some small pieces too. Their feet sank into the plush chocolate brown carpet. The kitchen table was a sunny yellow color with matching chairs.

There was a big pot sitting in the middle of the table.

“I wonder what is in that pot, it smells so good” said Jinx

Jinx took the lid off the pot and saw that the pot was full of chili.

“Do you think it would be okay if we had some. Just a morsel or 2. My stomach is really growling.” said Jinx.

Jangle thought it would be okay, as long as they washed up after themselves. Nobody liked dirty dishes left in the sink.

They found 2 bowls and spoons and dipped just a little bit out of the pot.

It had been a long time since breakfast and Jangle dug into his. Oh it tasted so good!

Jinx took a big bite and his eyes got wide! His cheeks started getting red as he put his spoon down and frantically looked for a cup so that he could pour himself some water!

Jangle started laughing. “A little too spicy of a morsel, eh!  Gee, your cheeks are red! Spicy morsels do have a way of flushing your cheeks don’t they.”

Jinx decided that his stomach could wait for more food. Food that perhaps wouldn’t be quite as hot, his eyes were still watering!

Jangle finished his bowl, claiming how warm and full he felt now. He washed out his bowl and Jinx’s and dried them and put them back in the cupboard.  Afterwards he went to sit down on one of their chairs in the living room and he suddenly found himself sitting on the floor!

Now it was Jinx’s turn to laugh as he was reclining in the huge, very comfy recliner.

“Oh No, you broke their chair!  It was a pretty chair too, a lovely shade of blue. We are going to have to buy this family a new one. Perhaps you better cut back on all the delicious morsels of candy that you been eating lately. ”

They suddenly turned serious for neither of them knew what kind of family lived in this house. Were they nice? What would they think of 2 strange elves taking shelter in their home and breaking their chair!

“Perhaps we will leave them a note”, said Jangle as he was starting to sweat and it wasn’t due to the hot, spicy chili that he had.

They didn’t have time to look for paper for they heard the door opening as they both were  still standing in the middle of the living room floor.

Jinx grabbed Jangle’s arm as they looked at the family that came through the door. A family of bears! Jinx and Jangle’s faces were as beet red as they had ever been before.

“Mama, Mama, look! Who are they?”

Mama could only stare in surprise, it was Papa Bear who spoke.  ” Well, well, what do we have here?  You guys are quite small, I think I could pick up both of you with my one paw.”

Hearing this sent shivers down Jinx and Jangle’s spine.

“We…we …we are Santa’s elves kind sir … we wanted to get out of the rain…and…”

Jangle couldn’t hold it back any longer, he interrupted Jinx.

“i am so….so…so…sorry! I didn’t mean to break your chair, honest, I didn’t! I can have Santa Clause build you a new one. I can make it a super deluxe….”

Papa Bear and baby bear were laughing so loudly that Jangle could no longer hear himself.  “Oh the look on your faces was priceless! It’s okay, you don’t need to be scared! We love Santa Clause, so we obviously could never hurt any of his elves!”

With this Papa Bear gave Jangle a pat on the back which almost sent him sprawling face first on the floor.  Jinx was standing there remembering how to breathe again as he let out a big sigh of relief!

“We are happy to have you here! You all must be hungry for its after lunch. We were getting ready to sit down and have some of Mama’s best chili ever. Please won’t you join us. ”

“Sure we would love to” replied Jangle.

“Thank you for being so kind!”

Jinx felt his stomach sink, what was he supposed to do.  They set bowls on the table for them and they all sat down.

Baby bear was starting to scoop some  more fresh chili out of the pot when Mama Bear told him to wait. “Guests always get served first, here Jinx hand me your bowl.”

Jinx handed it to her and watched as she filled his bowl to the very top and then handed it back saying, ” I hope you like it, it is my secret recipe.”

Jangle couldn’t look at Jinx, as he tried to keep the smirk off his face.

“So tell us, what is it like working for old Santa Clause?” asked Papa Bear

“Me and him go a long way back! It was one Christmas Eve many years ago that I will never forget.”

Papa Bear proceeded to tell them a wonderful tale about Santa and how he helped him one Christmas Eve when he really had needed it.  It had made Papa Bear realize the importance of helping others.

They had a fun time of swapping stories, they were quite a nice family, and they made plans to have a picnic at Whispering Lake the next day.

“Mama, Mama, can you make more chili for the picnic please!”

“I think I will make sandwiches for the picnic dear.”

Hearing those words make Jinx smile. Anything had to be better than the chili, he thought.  Now if only he could finish his bowl.


Remembering when….

Savannah stared out of the window looking at the fields of gold and remembering when.  She remembered the day that brought a twinkle to her eye.  They were just 6 years old but oh, they thought they knew so much. He told her that he loved her and her smile stretched wide as she felt like the luckiest girl inside.

They ran and played, fought and made up.  Each day was full of adventure and they felt like the days of gold would always continue, that nothing would change, but it did.

The months and years went by and they got older and things changed. He still said “I love you”, but now Savannah wasn’t so sure what she felt inside.

They stopped talking, it wasn’t that they didn’t care, they just no longer walked the same paths as they had before.

Times had changed, but yet the sky still was blue and the fields were still gold. The long ago memories of the days spent laughing in the fields of gold were still in Savannah’s soul.

No one had known back then what the years would bring for the days had felt so carefree!

Memories slid down Savannah’s cheek as she watched out the window and then she heard it.

“Hello Savannah!, I thought I might find you here. ”

Was that really him? Was that the voice that she had missed hearing all these years, but yet now it just seemed like yesterday that she had heard him call her name.

“Savannah, are you going to turn around? It’s really me, I am really here, just turn around and see.”

She turned around as the tears streamed down her face at the sight of him. Her friend, her confidant, the one who had been her best friend. The one who had always loved her, no matter the things she had done.

His smile was beaming when he looked into her eyes. Gently he took his hand and wiped her tears away, though they still kept flowing.

“Oh Savannah, my precious one, its okay now, its all okay!”  He wrapped his arm around her as he pulled her towards him and she buried her face against his chest.

They stood for awhile in a warm embrace and when Savannah raised her head, she saw that his eyes were teary as well.

Now she smiled as she touched his face and gently wiped away the tears.

She grabbed his hand and said, “Come, let’s go! The fields are calling, don’t you hear.”

He laughed as he held her hand and they turned and walked out the door.

You could hear their laughter echoing throughout the fields of gold.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!


The sun is shining today, at least in my tiny part of the world it is.  It is shining in my heart as well. I hope that you feel a shine in your heart today, that some little surprise may make you smile. Keep your eyes open as you go through your day. Life has a way of sending little surprises that sometimes can be so easily missed. You don’t want to miss it! It may help to keep your eyes open as you read the following quotes too.  🙂  Enjoy!



  1. 33201914_817220695152977_942544948362739712_n  Some days I am good at this and some days not so good.  Thankfully friends help nudge me the right direction when I need it!

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5. e4d0737895d6e879f9ed6b08b605e7be I think I could probably do a whole quote post with just the Minions sometime.



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Heart Smiles

How are you feeling this Monday morning? It was slow going for me in waking up this morning, but I am getting there now.  I woke up thinking of childhood memories. I still had on my mind the story about the little boy that I shared in my post yesterday. The one who remembers baking cookies with his mom and sister.  He remembers his sister putting her name on the cookies. Precious memories to him. Memories that have stuck in his mind,  memories of times when life was good for him and his family.

What are some good memories that you recall from your childhood? Memories that have stuck with you through the years. Ones where you can close your eyes and be taken back into time.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that brings a smile to your heart when you think of it.

As for me, I remember the times of  listening to my favorite records on our record player.  I would listen to the stories of Pooh Bear and friends over and over again. I also loved Aunt Teresa’s stories. No, I didn’t have an Aunt Teresa, it was another record that  I had of children’s stories.

I remember playing animal hospital with my sister and our stuffed animals. We would hide them throughout the house and then have to go rescue them and take them to our bedroom which was known as the “hospital” to wrap them up with ace bandages and whatever else was needed.

I remember playing for hours with my dollhouse. A family of 5    and they had a black and white dog that I named Spot. Their best friends lived in the tree house next door. That tree house was so cool for it had a elevator in it! I loved turning the little knob for it to go up and down. How it didn’t break after being turned so often I don’t know. I do believe they built toys to last back then, unlike now!

There was the time when there was a very bad thunderstorm and my parents weren’t home. It was just me and my 2 older sisters. We all went into my oldest sister’s room, for she was brave. I think that I remember the lights had gone out because of the storm and that made it more scary, but we sat on my sister’s bed and we sang songs. Hard to still be afraid when you are singing songs. The power of music.

Life is so full of memories. Good ones and bad ones too, they are make up this amazing thing called life!

It’s a dreary, cloudy, cool day here. Calling for rain, but for now its just gloomy.  A day that is good for curling up in a blanket, getting a cup of tea or your favorite latte and taking a trip back in time. Where does your mind go? Take some moments of your day to smile as you remember,  and if you would like,  feel free to share below about your little trip back in time.


Ahh! Thanks to Pinterest, and “Toys of the 70’s”, I can take you back in time with pictures of my dollhouses.

4e7db31fa27d32c1e51dc60b9ca4296d  Do you see the elevator? 🙂 And yes, they had a dog named Spot as well.

No batteries required – just imagination!



The Flame

My heart was moved today as we visited the Holocaust Museum in D.C.  We had to go to D.C. to take my daughter to the airport so we decided to make a day of it. We read stories about real people. We saw pictures of real people. Of little kids who were so happy before their world was turned upside down. A little boy who remembers baking cookies with his Mom and sister. Remembers his sister writing her name on some of the cookies with icing whenever they made them.  A boy who remembers friends playing with him until suddenly they couldn’t anymore, because he was a Jew.  A boy who remembers the last time he saw his mom and sister alive.

Happy adults who ran thriving businesses until they were closed down because no one was allowed to buy from Jews anymore. Adults who watched their family be torn apart from each other.

Stories of those in went into hiding.  Some dug down deep in the ground, almost like a grave, for they buried themselves.  They could hardly move for 18 months. Had kind people who bought them food every day and would wash them off once a week. They survived but they had to learn how to walk again!

These are the times when there really are no words. How can we complain about some of the things we complain about when we read stories like these!

In a large room they had written on the walls the names of all the Concentration camps and they had candles and more candles all around the room.  So many there were, you could feel the heat in the room. Oh may we never forget,  and more importantly may we learn!!!

Amidst the stories about the Holocaust there was also stories about Syria the horrors that are happening to the people living there.  I knew it was bad but I learned so much more.

There were comment cards  to write your thoughts on and they were posted on a big wall.  One card really stood out to me. It said, ” When I came I was thinking the Holocaust was something in the past. From what I learned, I now am scared that maybe it is not.”