Laura posted another prompt for this week. The word is “Confession”, or she has a picture or song posted on her blog that you can also pick from. Challenge yourself and have fun!

I had different things come to mind with this word, but then these 2 scenes from  one of my all time favorite movies popped into my mind.  The first scene is a rather silent “confession”. I love seeing the “silent” messages in their eyes  and like me so many times, Maria’s face speaks louder than her words, just watch to the end and you will see.

The 2nd scene is a much shorter, humorous confession.  Enjoy!



12 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. My first viewing of The Sound of Music was at the movies debut in 1965, during my first year of nursing school. It was a first date with a handsome young man and he had already seen it twice. He softly hummed all of the songs during the movie, I was enchanted by the movie and him! He later became a Priest, but I’ve always kept a special place in my heart for the him and the movie. Confession is good for the soul and the Nuns confession is too funny. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer’s onscreen chemistry is legend and this scene is a lovely example. Do consider a stay at Stowe, Vermont’s Trapp Family Lodge. Their Von Trapp Brewing company is awesome for the craft lager lovers too. Thank-you!

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    • You started my day with a smile! So good to hear from you and what a great memory to have of the first time you saw Sound of Music! So sweet.
      I have seen Sound of Music more times than any other movie and it still works its magic every time I see it. You are very right about Andrews and Plummer’s onscreen chemistry!
      I read about the Trapp’s Family Lodge in a Sound of Music book that I have. Would love to go sometime. Would also love to go to Austria and do the Sound of Music tour. I think that would just be so awesome!
      Thanks for your thoughts and have a great day!


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