Our Little Visitor

I opened the door to go outside and get the mail and here is what I saw.


He was having his clover breakfast, he turned his head and noticed me.


He had been waiting for me, for he came running straight for me! He had a very important question to ask.


He said “HI! Can I please be in your  blog post this morning? Everyone loves bunnies, right?”


How could I say no  to such a  cute. little bunny? I greeted him back and said how fun it is to walk outside and see him. Its been happening a lot lately.  Since he has been a frequent visitor I thought it only polite to say yes to his request!  I assured him that he would be in my post and with that reassurance he ran off in a blur.

May your Saturday be filled with Smiles.  Stop and smell the roses and watch the bunnies, don’t let the beauty of this world pass you by in one big blur!

42 thoughts on “Our Little Visitor

  1. We love bunnies! After dinner most nights, our bike ride (timed to take advantage of cooler temps) includes a Bunny Brigade Contest to see who sees the most bunnies out feeding.

    The prize? Seeing the most bunnies! 😀

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