Summer’s glow

Laura Bailey from,  posted a great prompt again for anyone who may want to write something around it. She posts a picture, a word and a song.  You can choose one to write about or all 3. The only rule is to have fun and to link your post back to her. Give it a try. This time I had to go with the song, for I have always enjoyed this song. Makes you feel happy and free.

A summer breeze feels so light and free. It makes you smile. I was stretched out on my porch swing this morning enjoying some quiet time. Then a bird started singing its song and it was so lovely. It really was different from the birds that I am used to hearing around here. I saw the bird perched up on the very top of our tree, all I could tell is that it was dark in color and rather large. I know that really narrows it down for you, doesn’t it! The bird was singing away and I sat on the swing feeling relaxed. It flew away and then came back a short time later and started singing again. When I went to get my camera is when it decided to leave and not come back. Tomorrow morning I will see if I can catch it.

I may not be a real morning person, but I am getting better at it and this bird’s song was the perfect way to start the day.

Summertime fills my heart with warmth. Friendship has a summertime feeling  to it, the warm feeling of knowing that someone really cares!  I felt the warmth while “chatting” by text with a dear friend today.  We can share hard stuff, but we always end up making each other smile, isn’t that what friends are for!

A summertime breeze feels so light and free. I was stretched out on the porch swing later this afternoon basking in the heat of the sun that shined down on me.  I felt like I could just close my eyes and doze off.

Summertime is calling, it is carnival time once again! The rides are spinning round and the smells of popcorn,  funnel cake, corn dogs and french fries are all around. “Step right up! Win a prize for your girl! Give it your best shot!”  You hear the cries all around! The carnival has come to town!

Summer breeze blows gently through my hair as I watch the firefly’s glow! I see the twinkling stars and the moon comes out to shine. Another day is done, but summer has just begun. Many days of summer breezes still to come!





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