Where are your peaceful spots? What brings peace to your soul?

36fa9f1201cb190d5a6f24dbe689d08d painting done by Monet, (Pinterest)

I was browsing through paintings on Pinterest and this one stood out to me. It gave me a sense of peace. I thought about sitting on the riverbank and looking for frogs jumping on lily pads.

Then I  went from dreaming about frogs sunbathing on lily pads to taking a stroll through this beautiful garden. It is called Monet’s garden path. Can you breathe in the scent of the beautiful flowers and just imagine yourself on a warm summer’s day walking down this path of flowers?

325fb63c9fceda4251984c99e6509bb2 Monet’s Garden Path (Pinterest)

Now take a walk through the woods, listen to the silence of the trees. In the silence we can sometimes hear so much!

56406737fa72ed3b266c018b4aefa505  painting done by Ivan Shishkin (Pinterest)

I can’t take a peaceful “walk” without going to the ocean and letting the waves speak!

adb21319847a68a341e7eff290e5e097 painting done by Dmitry Spiros (Pinterest)

I believe I need to look up more of his paintings, this one really caught my eye!

I hope you enjoyed sitting back, perhaps with a cool drink, and letting serenity wrap around you as you took a peaceful “walk”. We all need those peaceful breaks sometimes!


17 thoughts on “Serenity

    • They really did stand out to me. So glad you enjoyed them too. Oh I would love to have a pond in my backyard. Perhaps someday. 🙂 Yes, I would go for the flower garden over the vegetable garden. LOL! Thanks for your comment.

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