What is Happening?

My heart has been troubled for awhile, my eyes wet with tears as I watch and read the news,  but yet I hesitated making a post about this.  I decided though that sometimes things just need to be said and I believe this is one of those times.  We need to speak up America!!

My heart cries at what is going on in America right now, specifically at the borders in Texas. Children being taken from their parents!!  This is modern day America, 2018, and we are forcefully separating children from their parents! What is happening to America?!  I really have no words but I know I can’t stay silent,  and sometimes pictures can speak louder!





19 thoughts on “What is Happening?

  1. I recently watched some media woman justifying Trump’s position by saying that this went on in the Obama era … and nobody complained back then. Whether it did, or didn’t, is to me totally irrelevant as that is now history. The fact that she spent her time focused on history, and did not once mention that things were going to change, is quite despicable. When political rivalry is deemed more important than humanity … there is a problem, and a rather serious one!

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  2. A powerful post. More people need to speak out at this horrific policy. And supporters of this anti-human, anti-family policy must be called out for what it is. We can no longer maintain the high ground silently with an administration whose behavior is not only vile but beyond despicably dishonest about its actions.

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  3. Trump needs to stop blaming Obama, Bush and Clinton for all the troubles in this country. Do we have a massive immigration problem? Yes we do. But what idiot decided that it would be a good idea to separate children, CHILDREN!!!, from their parents? I’m surprised they aren’t sending these poor kids to Gitmo. Good grief. Every time I think no one can embarrass this country any more, someone does!

    In this day and age, how could we possibly not have a smooth-running legal process to enter this country?
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  4. Is there any wonder that black and brown people believe this administration is racist? Their version of America is stuck in the 1920’s I think. And Jeff Sessions is despicable for quoting the Bible to justify it. He should resign. Our only consolation is that the scriptures tell us that God is still on the throne. Perhaps though it will be like the 1960’s again and we can start carrying signs. I’m ready to.

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