Hidden Beauty

Photo credit to Laura Bailey from https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/

My story below has nothing to do with Father’s Day, but I do want to give a shout out to my wonderful husband, the father of our children and to my Dad! So very thankful for them and cherish the moments I have with them. My heart also goes out to my dear friends who no longer have their father living. Special hugs and love to them today and to you if you are missing your Dad today or if  you are a Dad and can’t be with your children. I hope that today can still have a surprise touch in it to make it special for you.

Now back to the original programming after that commercial.

Laura put a challenge on her blog, that I thought I would try for today. It is open to anyone , take the word mysterious and write a story, or poem or post some artwork around it.  Join in, use your imagination! Its all up to you! Just please link back to her blog  if you decide to participate, so that others can see your post.Thank you Laura for the challenge.



Legend tells of a old, dilapidated house that has been around for years. There is known to be a old lady who lives inside the dreary looking house. No one knows her name, for no one ever visits. Some try to peek in the windows when she is inside. They see the peeling paint inside and cobwebs on the window.  They are trying though to catch a glimpse of the old lady moving about, but they run away as soon as she looks their way. They run away, not seeing the tear stains on her cheek. Everyone talks about how crazy she must be to live in a falling apart house, but they never stop to chat if they see her standing outside. They just shake their heads in disgust as they walk by.

Everything changes though on the nights of a full moon. Legend tells that suddenly the whole house transforms into a grand Palace!  That people come from everywhere to see the Palace . Ones who before walked away from the house in disgust are now curious at the magnificent beauty.  The Palace  lights up with a thousand lights, almost blinding to the eye.  You can see perfectly through the large windows to the inside that is decorated as fancy as can be. From the swinging chandeliers, to the fancy art on the wall to the marble floors.

There is believed to be a Princess who dances in the Palace  all alone.  Those who see her say that her ruby red gown is exquisite , that it glitters with gold beads.  Her amber colored hair flows down her back, looking like an angel.

If she happens  to look your way it is like her eyes can see right through you and it sends a shiver down your spine. Her emerald green eyes sparkle as she dances.  Everyone who watches her sees her hold her arms just right, as if she was dancing with someone, but yet  no one else can be seen. She glides as she waltzes to the beautiful, haunting melody of a lone violin. There is no violin to be seen though , no musicians are in sight.

The dance continues on through the night and the lone violin keeps playing its song. It isn’t  until dawn starts  breaking that suddenly the Princess disappears. She may take one more piercing long look at you, if you were watching, and then turns her back and walks away.  The Palace starts to crumble down around her. Within minutes the Palace is gone and the old, dilapidated house stands in its  place once more.

It stands  waiting, waiting for the next full moon.

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