The Hurting Hearts

About a month ago I posted a 2 part story, that I said may have a 3rd part coming. I wasn’t sure whether to post this one because unlike Part 2, this leaves you hanging some.  I know though that some of you said how you wanted to read more, so I decided to share it. Yes, I will warn you, this story continues to be sad for now.  Here is the link to part 2 if you missed it.  The Wings of Love… Part 2  Thanks for reading and would love to know your thoughts, even if you don’t like it, you are always welcome to comment.

  The Hurting Hearts, (Part 3)

Madeline was jolted out of her memories when she heard the beeping of the horn from the taxi. She grabbed her suitcase and headed out the door with tears still fresh upon her cheek. She looked out the window as the houses sped past. She wondered about the families inside of them. Had they faced heartbreak like her? Houses can shelter you from the raging storms outside,  but they can’t shelter you from the storms that rage in your heart.  The storms that come with no warning,  when  you feel like your life has been torn apart!

She longed to already be at the beach. The beach was a place of serenity for her, a place where she could let the waves speak to her tortured soul. 

At last she finally arrived.  She stepped out of the taxi and the smell of the saltwater filled her senses and she heard the seagulls calling.  She quickly paid the driver and  took her luggage to her condo, but didn’t stay at the condo long. She would unpack when she got back, right now the beach was calling her name and she had to answer.

The waves crashed up against the shore. She had walked along the beach for quite awhile, now she just stood letting her feet sink into the sand as she watched the  huge waves. She watched as they would come and kiss the shore with passion and then flow back into the ocean again. The sky was growing darker by the minute, and the waves kept growing. 

Madeline stood there watching them. Knowing she should head back to her condo, but feeling mesmerized and not able to move. Another one came and she felt the spray from being too close, she needed to move back, but she didn’t. What would happen if she stayed? Would the waves sweep her under and away? Would she be set free from her load of pain? Should she stay? She had no words, but she felt like the waves were speaking to her. What were they trying to say?

She jumped as thunder cracked through the sky and another large wave rolled in. Turning to run back to the condo she spotted something lying in the sand, half buried. What was it? A bottle filled with purple balloons. Who would put purple balloons in a bottle and why? She grabbed it as the rain began to pelt down on her and she ran back to her condo.

After a hot shower and some cold pizza she stretched out on the couch. Her gaze landed on the bottle again that she had set on her desk. Seeing the purple balloons made her think of Connor. O to hear his laugh again! He always laughed when the balloon would rub up against his face.

 Why did she grab the bottle of balloons? What would she do with it? She looked at the bottle wondering about the story behind it. No one just accidentally stuffs balloons into a bottle. She knew that messages could be put in bottles and thrown out to sea, but balloons? She decided to put it on her desk for now because it made her remember her precious little boy.


Drew pulled out another frozen TV dinner to put in the microwave. They definitely were far from being the tastiest kind of food that he could have, but these days he didn’t care about taste. Everything tasted bland to him, things had lost their taste and life had lost its color. Everything seemed to be a dull gray.  He really wasn’t hungry, but forced himself to eat anyway.  Forced himself to eat because he knew he had to, but eating still couldn’t distract him from the questions running through his mind.  What was he doing? Why had he left Madeline?  She knew he still loved her, that he just needed some time away, but what was he thinking? She was as heartbroken as he was!  She needed him! 

He hung his head in shame. He couldn’t get her haunting eyes out of his mind as she watched him pack the car and leave. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t need too. Her eyes had said it all.  Madeline always wore her heart on her sleeve. You could see the emotions dancing on her face.  She was hurting terribly and he was putting one more knife in her heart.  What kind of husband would do that?  He still remembered their last kiss as he hugged her goodbye. They clung to each other as tears poured out like a waterfall from her. They stood there weeping, 2 broken people who were lost and didn’t have a clue as to what to do. 

 He really didn’t want to leave, but he knew he couldn’t stay. He couldn’t face seeing the anguish in her face, the deep sadness in the eyes that used to sparkle! Most of all he missed her laugh, her laugh was like the sound of bells, it had always made him smile. Madeline could always laugh, it was her gift, she knew how to find the joy in things. But when Connor died her it seemed that her laughter had died with him.

The house felt like a tomb, they walked around the house barely saying a word to each other. Memories of Conner would jump out at him in every corner of the house.  He just couldn’t handle it. They each were caught up in their own sorrow. They didn’t have the strength to hold the other one up. They cried together, but it seemed like they couldn’t do much more than that. He needed to get away, he needed to breathe! He felt like he was drowning and somehow he needed to find a way to come up for air.

Crash! The glass that he flung across the room hit the lamp and shattered as pieces fell to the floor. Drew looked at the broken pieces scattered around, feeling like they were the shattered pieces of his heart.



11 thoughts on “The Hurting Hearts

  1. Nicely written Joy. These kinds of tragedies will break a marriage or make it rock solid. Grief does terrible things to people…..but love survives it all. Clearly Madeline and Drew are deeply in love and they’ll find their way into each other’s arms and hearts once again.

    However, once you’ve completed this story, I’m gonna send you laughing gas!! After I take a whiff of it first!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh thanks for the laugh my dear! I will hold you to that! 🙂

      Love your words, for that’s exactly right, a tragedy like this will change a marriage one way or the other.
      And yes I am glad that the strong love that Madeline and Drew have for each other came through in my writing.


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