Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy June! I hope your June has started of well. One bright thing about the beginning of June is that its my dear sister-in-law’s birthday! When I married Brad I gained another wonderful sister.  I wish we did live closer,  but am just thankful today for the extra love she’s brought to my heart. I told her to make it here by supper time and we would treat her to a birthday dinner.  She’s gonna try. 🙂 We only live a little over 500 miles apart, no problem!  Smile, enjoy the quotes and have a beautiful day!

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31 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I think the Lucy Maudmtgomery quotes are both great. I read her books a# a child. I especially enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables books as Anne grew up and eventually married Gilbert. Also there were books after they were married. I the Road to Avonleac series was not one I read, but the show was CBC in Canada when I was little, and it was very good. Cheers. Great quotes JR.

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  2. And the winners are: 5, 9, and 10! I hope to see myself in 5 and 9, but sadly I can see myself now in 10. Good food for thought!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  3. #7, I always go with the genius of Albert Einstein…unless Dr. Seuss is available! #6 contains a great teaching moment about hasty judgments. Thank-you!

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    • So I guess I shouldn’t put Einstein and Seuss on the same Tuesday anytime? 🙂
      Yes Number 6 made me think of my children when they were young ! My youngest did something similar to that. Touched my heart big time!!


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