A Smile Break!

My mind was very busy this weekend. Just one of those times where it feels like your mind is going all the time.  I feel it is time for a “Smile Break!” I can always depend on Pinterest to give me pictures to smile about.  Found some rather different animals this time. Hope you like them!  Feel free to make a caption for the picture or you can just say “Awh!” 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!

  1. globefish The Globefish- it makes you happy just looking at it! It is found in the deep seas of Australia.
  2. 4604339 The Blobfish ( really that is its  name)  It lives in the deep seas of Australia and New Zealand.
  3. enhanced-buzz-11806-1377639710-5 Dumbo Octopus
  4. enhanced-buzz-2829-1377640238-25 The Okapi is found in Central Africa
  5. 0da62601a6c5d735e84fe9ec086ba420  The Probiscus Monkey is from the forests of Borneo


There really are amazing creatures all over our world!  I am so glad! This world would be pretty dull without the wonderful animals that inhabit it and that sometimes can really teach us humans a thing or two!

We also couldn’t do without the more typical animals who make amazing pets!







13 thoughts on “A Smile Break!

  1. 1. Globe fish—- Aw shucks Goober, I’ve never been kissed before.
    2. Blob fish—- If you had a face like this you wouldn’t smile either!
    3. Dumbo Octopus—- I can so stick my tongue out if I want to.
    4. Okapi—- I’m never using that tattoo artist again!
    5. Probiscus Monkey—- I’m playing the clarinet, what do you think I’m doing?
    Kitten—- I’m so cute I don’t have to say anything.
    Puppy—- Ahhhh, just listen to the quiet!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  2. Awh! to the Globefish and the pets. The Blobfish looks like he wanted to yell at the photographer to get off his lawn. And that poor little forlorn monkey left me wondering if someone just snatched away a favorite toy…

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