What phrase would you not want to hear?

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying your weekend.  It has been a fun, celebrating weekend for us. My in-laws are here which has been very nice! They will head back to Indiana early Tuesday morning, so we still have a couple days of fun left.

I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to blog while they were here, but something short came to my mind this morning.  I thought I would share before we leave the house.

What little phrase would make you go “Oh No!” in a light hearted way?  I am not talking about serious things that can make our heart stop. We hear enough of that on the evening news. This is just meant to be a fun, little exercise.  For my kids if there was a billboard that said “Buffalo Wild Wings and Montezuma’s will be closing”, that would definitely get a “Oh No!” out of them. Its their favorite restaurants.

If I saw a billboard that said, ” The secret is …”   My curious brain would start filling up with questions! No, I could not just drive by that sign and forget it, like normal people.

So what would it be for you? Have fun and enjoy the day! Share a smile with someone and shed some light into their day!

8 thoughts on “What phrase would you not want to hear?

    • Your first phrase reminded me of something that happened to my daughter. She works at Arby’s, fast food restaurant as a cashier.
      A customer asked her how she pronounced her name for he saw her name tag. She told him and his response, “No, I believe that you are pronouncing it wrong'”
      My daughter was so flustered she didn’t know what to say besides ,”No, I think I know how to say my name!” LOL!

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