Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We are at the end of May already, how did that happen? I remember as a child thinking that time was so slow, but oh how that has changed! Time just seems to get faster and faster, in most cases that is. When I am in waiting to find out something time can still move very slow!

This past weekend our automatic garage door stopped working.  At least the one on my side did. The one on Brad’s side still works fine. One gets spoiled by parking in a garage. The car isn’t all hot when you go to get into it, if its raining you don’t get wet when you get out of it. It should be fixed this week sometime, possibly today, but I realized something.  We are such creatures of habit. I pull into the driveway and my hand goes up and pushes the garage door opener that is hanging from my visor.  My daughter laughs and says, “Mom, the garage door doesn’t work, remember?”  Oops, that’s right. I go out the next day come home and do the same thing. I guess I think that if I push the garage door opener enough of times it will magically work!

I hope these quotes bring you a smile and perhaps you will find some magic in your day today. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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2. 5d8a4ac81d0c4c241df63e7e1131bcab

3. 2439ac69211363ff1bdac04fb61b60d9

4. b7ac83d19e2cac686ea86c71e7b03acd

5. f51df2c5815a57911ddfb560d85b9c26

6. 90234024a90f2e0e2f9ac26b55a4d38b

7. 62ca0d201f84fcf6926421f3917690f0

8. d9c4c25c764806ec945c1674a258f492

9. eba8a40d9fa7ecf6a3d20dda321ff134

10. d8d86417cc85fd533753759db20aa4c6


29 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. “We are at the end of May already, how did that happen?” – Well it didn’t, at least not on my planet. It is only May 22nd here, and I seem to recall that you are in the same time zone … so have you found another planet to live on, or are you still at home but confused?


  2. #8 and #10. We all go in the wrong direction sometimes, but we forget that we CAN turn around. And yeah, even at my age, I’m STILL looking for my hidden talents!! Hope I find them soon…. I may be running out of time!! Lol.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  3. First, maybe you CAN fix the garage door by repeatedly pressing the button and hoping for the best. Here’s two examples:

    The windshield wipers in my car stopped working for awhile. Whenever it started sprinkling, I would turn them on out of habit. One day they started working again and they’ve been fine ever since.

    The volume control for the radio in my car stopped working. The volume it was at was where it wanted to be. Again, out of habit, I would occasionally reach out to adjust it up or down. One day, it cooperated and, yup, problem solved.

    For your quotes ~> #4 (by a large margin) followed by #3 (a TERRIFIC quote . . . and spider).


    • Well you never know what will work do you! I just bought a small replacement part that we think may be the problem. It was cheap so hopefully that will fix it. If not I will keep pushing. 🙂
      I really hate spiders but Charlotte is an exception. 🙂


  4. Funny about us being creatures of habit and you reaching for your garage remote even though it doesn’t wok. Not quite the same, but I drove home one day to find a strange car parked in my drive and then remembered we’d moved out the previous week!

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    • OH yes, I loved how #7 described friendship.
      You will be glad to know that the garage door is fixed. We thought it needed a new motor, but it just needed a new thingamajig, small inexpensive part. I am a happy camper now. 🙂


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