Hugging with Words

I have talked about friendship on here before many times, but its something that I believe can be talked about often, for it means so much! It is a priceless gift. I am reminded of a quote that talks about being glad that my friends don’t come with a price tag, for I would never be able to afford them! That is so very true. My friends and family mean the world to me!

One time I was looking for a short but meaningful video to send to some dear friends as just a way of saying, “Thanks for being my friend!”  They had uplifted my spirits once again and I wanted them to know it was appreciated. Sometimes I think we can get so used to what our family and friends do for us that we may not say “Thank you” as much as we should.

Are you looking for a way to thank a friend, do you know a friend that could use a smile right now?  A friend that needs a hug?  Here is a short video clip of some wonderful quotes about friendship.  Pass it on to someone who has touched your life. Let them know how you value their friendship. Let it touch their heart and lift their spirits. I hope it touches your heart as well.



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