The Sweetest Gift

What is a successful parent?  Is it being able to cook a gourmet dinner?  Having the ability to build an amazing tree house for your child?  Perhaps its about keeping the house spotless and organized.  Having a green thumb, making your landscaping look like it came out of a  Home and Garden magazine.

Is it about having a large bank account, so that your children always have plenty?  Maybe its about always taking your children to fun, exciting new places to visit.  Having your brain be like an encyclopedia so that you can always have the right answers to their questions.

Is it about always being able to fix their boo-boo’s?  To heal their heartaches with your magic touch.  Waving your magic wand like Cinderella’s fairy godmother and instantly having your child’s dreams come true?

Thankfully all those things are not what makes a successful parent, at least not in my mind.  If they were, I would be failing big time!

You don’t have to cook a gourmet dinner in order to enjoy wonderful conversation around the table. No tree house is required for backyard fun.  Playing “monster” where Daddy chases you,  playing tag,  hide and seek, laying on the grass and making animals out of the clouds requires no skilled construction.

Its not the beauty of your house inside and out that is the most important. Its the beauty of the warmth that people feel when entering your home.

It’s not about traveling the world with your children.  A walk in the woods , a visit to the lake nearby can create precious memories. Traveling the world with them by introducing them to books can be one of the best gifts that you can give.  With a love of reading they have a passport to going anywhere anytime.  Seeing your child lost in a book instead of on a computer is a wonderful feeling.

Enjoying conversations about the book with your child provides another opportunity for great interaction.  Conversations about topics that interest your child shows them that you care about their thoughts, that you care about them.

There is no magic formula to being the perfect parent.  It is impossible, and that’s not what it is all about!

There are times when there are no band-aids large enough for the hurts that our children experience.  There is no cream to put on to take away the stinging pain. At least no cream that comes in a tube.

Love is what your child needs.  Love can’t take away the heartache but it can help soothe the pain. The loving embrace, where all that is needed sometimes are tight hugs and no words. Or just the simple phrase, “I’m so sorry!”

The times when your child doesn’t need to hear words of advice, but just needs your gentle touch.  The touch that lets them know you would move mountains for them if that would take away their pain.  Your love can be a healing balm.

It may not be able to fix things but it can give them the strength to go on.  Give them the strength to climb the mountains that they have to climb.  For they have the knowledge that you are behind them cheering them on.

I really can’t think of a greater gift that my husband and I can give our children than for them to know that they are loved.

I can’t think of any sweeter gifts from my kids, than the words of love that they have spoken over the years.  From the first “wuv wu”  with sticky kisses to the “I love you Mommy!”  as they  would come in carrying dandelions that they picked for me.  To hearing from my  teen, ”  I love you Mom, thanks so much for loving me!”



27 thoughts on “The Sweetest Gift

  1. “I love you mom, thanks so much for loving me.” That one sentence sums it up. Nicely done Joy. Happy Mother’s Day. May it be special in every way. And may you feel the love from your family that you share every day with all of us.
    🔹 Ginger

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  2. Well said. So many parents get caught up in their own personal needs for material things, and achieving a certain image that they forget basic parenting. The biggest influence on the children in their early years are the parents, and yet they often spend all day with a sitter or at a daycare! These parents will argue “Well we both have to work”, which is no doubt very true based on their expectations of life. If however, they lowered their expectations, a very different picture would be presented. Our children will only grow up once, so shouldn’t it be important to be there and guide, rather than let somebody else take care of it?

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  3. My Mum and Dad were not perfect, nor did they have a posh house, car or loads of money. But they were mine and I loved them both.
    They struggled every day, had a few disagreements along the way, but I never once doubted that they loved me.
    Us kids never went without the important things, their love or their time. They always made my friends welcome (even those they didn’t like very much), there was always a cup of tea and something to eat on offer, when romances failed they were there with the tissues and sympathy (especially my Dad) and when the going got tough, they were there with their love and support.
    I miss them, but they will always live in my heart.

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  4. i read somewhere that as parents we fracture our children with our love. I’d like to explore that thought. your writing is pure and I relate with the different levels we need to be as parents. I want to be present for my kids, something I think I fail at miserably.

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    • “Fracture our children with our love.” I would be interested in knowing what that means.
      Yes being present is the best present!
      But hey don’t beat yourself up. We all have things we could do better at. All we can do is keep trying our best.
      ❤ and hugs!

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  5. Such a sweet piece! I think so true. It reminds of the Beatles song “All You Need is Love.” When we’re older, or even for many kids, life maybe a struggle but a mothers love, an Aunties love, etc. can heal all kinds of pains and provide a kids, young and old with background support, a support network should fall apart. I don’t like to talk so much anymore about when I got sick when I was 23. I had planned to move out, than got very sick. I was so grateful for my parents who supported me and b/c I was so sick and needed to go into hospital, they were there literally everyday. I looked forward to their visits, I was scared and until the right medication kicked in, my thoughts were misplaced and wirling inside me. It must have been so hard for them to come each day, but they came. Mostly both of them after work, sometimes one of them as in the last week I improved a great deal. I’m always so grateful for them and that. A lifeline when I was scared of everything and everyone else.
    Beautiful piece and Happy Mother’s Day. I know you’re wonderful one. How is your knee healing, starting to feel better?

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