The Wings of Love… Part 2

If you missed reading Part 1 on Monday, here is the link to it.  The Wings of Love

“Should we “fly” over to the Ice Cream shop?”

The Ice Cream shop was just a little walk away from the grocery store. 

“Yes, yes, I  may see more butterflies Daddy!”

They pretended they were airplanes as they stretched out their arms pretending to fly. Before they knew it they were at the Ice Cream shop!  Conner always got his favorite, mint chocolate chip. They were having a good time eating and chatting, but Drew noticed that Conner was starting to get  sleepy. Ice cream was dripping from his cone, as well as dripping down his chin.

“Hey buddy, why don’t we head back to the car. You can finish your cone on the way.” Drew reached over and tousled  his hair.  Conner agreed as he rubbed his eyes with one hand.

They soon made it to the car and Conner had finished his cone.  Now he was using both hands to rub his eyes. Drew buckled him into his car seat and then spotted a cart that someone had left in the parking space beside them.

“I’ll be right back,  I’m going to put this cart away.”  Conner nodded sleepily. Drew smiled, he probably would be asleep before they got out of the parking lot. He grabbed the cart and pushed it back to where the other carts were. Went to his car and got in, looking in the back seat at Conner. Drew was right, he was sound asleep. 

Drew was sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green, thinking that perhaps he would surprise Madeline. Take her and Conner out to dinner tonight at the new  Italian restaurant that she has been wanting to try. 

The light turned green and he went. He only saw the speeding car for a split second before it crashed into Conner’s side of the car. The car spun and Drew heard the sound of crunching metal as his heart was wildly beating. “Conner! Conner! Do you hear me? Conner!”  There was no response to his cries.

As soon as they got to the hospital they whisked Conner away.  Drew had to stay to be checked out, but he was fine except for minor injuries. His bruises didn’t hurt at all compared to what his heart was feeling right now.   His heart was on the floor as he watched the stretcher carrying his precious son roll down the hall.

It wasn’t too long until Madeline burst into his room. Her face was full of worry and fear. They embraced and he assured her that he was fine. Her bottom lip trembled as she asked about Conner. They embraced again, not being able to speak a word. 

It seemed like forever until the Doctor came to them. He was wearing a very grim expression. “I’m sorry, we tried everything. He had massive internal bleeding. He took the full impact of the crash. I am so sorry! I can take you both to see him now.” The words were like arrows piercing their hearts!

Bile started rising in Drew’s  throat. Madeline felt faint and started to sway.  He quickly grabbed hold of her and held her tight as they numbly followed the Doctor down the hall.

Madeline was crying as she softly spoke when they entered the room. 

“Oh Connor, is that you? Is that really you underneath all those tubes and laying there all black and blue. Your beautiful black curls are matted with bright red blood. The beeps of the machine are going to drive me out of my mind. I want to take you home! I’ll place you on the couch and Jasmine can snuggle up to you.”

The lump in her throat was hard to swallow, she was squeezing Conner’s hand with one hand and Drew’s with the other. Drew felt like his hand may break as she was squeezing so hard. His heart was being squeezed  at the same time. His hand may not be breaking, but his heart sure was!

“We can watch your favorite movies and cuddle on the couch until you are well again. When you get tired of movies I will read your favorite book to you over and over again. Please don’t leave me sweetheart,  please! Wake up my son!”

She turned and collapsed into Drew’s arms. He was standing there, his face was pale staring at his little boy. 

How could this be? How could they be here right now? He wanted to go back to this morning when everything seemed so perfect. How could things have taken such a sudden and drastic turn.

“Conner, my boy, wake up please! I’ll push you on the swing as high as you want to go. I’ll make you feel like you are flying. “

The words came back to Drew so suddenly, they felt like a punch in the gut.

“Daddy push me high, as high as my purple butterfly!”

Beep … Beep … Beep went the machines and all Drew could do was to bury his head in Madeline’s shoulder and cry. They clung to each other feeling like they were drowning in an ocean of sorrow.

The  days passed by in a blur.  At the graveside service everyone had butterflies to release. Madeline caught her breath as they watched the beauty of hundreds of butterflies flying into the wind.

Drew made sure to get two special purple butterflies for him and Madeline. She was touched by his thoughtfulness. Purple had now become their  favorite color as well. 

They softly spoke to the butterflies as they released them, “Fly butterflies fly, carry messages of love on your wings to our  precious boy  up in the sky.” 

They were wrapped in each others arms as they watched the butterflies.

I know I probably just got a lot of you upset with me. I know several of you talked about how you wanted a Happy Ending!  Part 2 though had already been written. My eyes teared up as well while writing.  I am sorry. 

29 thoughts on “The Wings of Love… Part 2

  1. NEVER ever, be sorry for writing whatever is inside of YOU! Sad endings are just as much a part of life as the more desired happy ones. A sadly beautiful story, there is room for beauty in the tears of sadness. Tears not only cleanse the eyes, they cleanse the heart too. I felt that the butterflies portended a similar ending, not sure why…they just did. Thank-you!

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    • Awh Ellen, you are so sweet!! Thank you. I knew my readers wouldn’t actually be “mad” at me, I just didn’t like making them sad, but am so glad you saw the beauty in the sadness. I had hoped to portray that with the butterflies.
      When I read your comment yesterday about questioning the butterfly, I thought, Wow, she’s good! 🙂


      • Being an avid reader of mysteries, I thought Madeline too obvious and suspected that Conner was the tragedy coming. There is a balance in having happy and sad endings, all of one or the other becomes too predictable. Mystery adds spice into what might otherwise become bland. Again, Thank-YOU!

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      • P.S. I never read the bits on book covers anymore, I prefer SURPRISE…not warnings. I am aware that many decide upon a book by those blurbs and only read a book that fits their criteria. I read anything and everything, by anyone and everyone. I finish reading every book that I start, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised part way through and I might have missed a good read. My thinking (not shared by many) is that if someone took the time to write a book, the least that I can do is read it. My propensity for loquacity has raised it’s ugly head..when I simply should have said skip the warnings! Yet again, Thank-you!

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        • As you know your propensity for loquacity is always welcome!!
          You are right about how you may miss out on something really good by not reading a book just based on a little blurb.
          Something to think about. Thanks!


      • One last thought, I promise! Upon completion of every book, I find there is at least one redeeming quality in each…even if it’s just that it’s finished! One last Thank-you!

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      • LOL! Oh you make me smile!
        Do you read the classics, like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, etc. Have you read The Scarlet Letter? That is one book that I just couldn’t finish. I know its real popular, and its very rare that I don’t finish a book but that one I just couldn’t.


  2. I am not upset with you. That said, I may never read another story on your blog again . . . unlike a novel that gives you a sense of the genre, your short stories don’t come with WARNINGS of sad endings.

    Maybe they should?


    • I will make sure to put a warning next time. I am sorry but at the same time I am glad to know that my story could evoke such emotion. I hope that perhaps it helps for you to know that this is not the end of the story. I have been working on this for awhile, have much more written and am still writing. A lot happens yet to this special family and I do hope that you won’t stop reading my stories. I will put a Asterisk in front of my stories if sad, saying Warning: Tissues needed!


  3. I wanted a happy ending, but I knew it wasn’t gonna happen. 😥😥 I kinda thought Madeline was going to be the victim. But let’s face it, life is full of sadness. If we never experience it, how would we know what joy feels like? And I have no doubt we haven’t heard the last of the purple butterfly yet! I just know this story is going somewhere good!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thank you Ginger! You are so right , sadness is a part of life as much as we don’t like it. But like you said how would we have joy without it!

      Interesting that you also thought it would be Madeline that something happened to. Did you see Pensitivity’s comment?
      Glad to tell you that you are right with the last 2 lines. 🙂
      Happiness will come to this family in time!
      The story is still being written and yes there is a lot more that you haven’t seen. I feel encouraged by your response and others to keep writing. Will this become another book? We will see, all I know is its taking me on a surprising journey. 🙂


    • Yes, it is. I love happy endings, but that’s not always how life goes. I just felt moved this time to make it more real. In case you didn’t see in my other replies there is a lot more to this story. I have been writing it for a little while and still writing it. Will see how long it gets. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it. Will keep you posted on the progress and perhaps snippets of it. 🙂

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  4. Such a tear jerker JR! You shocked me with car accident. But I felt that something was coming and that Connor wanting to fly with those butterflies and part one, was alluding to something coming. Nevertheless, I was still shocked and sad that Connie died. But I like the ending, that his Dad has the memory of those last days with his son, and that Connor can fly like a butterfly now, he has freedom and perfection in Heaven. Great job on this. Well written really!

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