Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I was awake before my husband left for work this morning which usually does not happen! He was as surprised as me. I am feeling good, thanks to all of you who  keep me smiling. I should give a shout out to my dear hubby as well, for he has been very good with showering TLC on me since this knee pain has begun. I know I will be in good hands with him and my dear kids as I recuperate after surgery.

In return for all the smiles shared with me, here are some quotes that I hope can bring you smiles and touch your heart.  Have a wonderful Tuesday and don’t forget to SMILE! Each day is what we make it, so make it a good one. 🙂

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  10. 2085ca3dc3113006aaf64cc0785644141 I know many of you have probably heard story before, but this touched me today, some things are worth hearing again. 🙂

Anything Goes!

I have written 3 posts this afternoon. Though none of them actually got finished.  They are in my drafts for now, we will see if something comes of them.  I believe I am just too distracted today. I am not exactly nervous about Wednesday, just more ready for it all to be over. I am not good at wondering about the unknown. “Patience” hasn’t  always been  my greatest asset.

So hey feel free to add your own witty poem, rhyme, story,  or picture. This is an “Anything goes” post, hey say Laughter is the Best Medicine, so bring it on! Yes, I may be being a little daring at the moment, but I think I am pretty safe.

For  now, I am going to meet a good friend for supper. Friends, food and laughter, what more can you ask for. 🙂

I will look forward to reading when I get back!

Pardon the Interruption…

On this coming Wednesday, April 18th there may be an interruption in service. I don’t expect the interruption to last too long, I just need to go into the “shop” and get fixed up so I can be running smoothly again!

The saga of my left knee continues, but hopefully we are coming to the end of it. The pain that I have been having for the past couple months is being stubborn and has decided to reject the different methods of trying to heal it such as rest, ice packs, heating pads,  cortisone shots and physical therapy.  It really is just a little thing in my knee causing the problem, but little things can sure be a nuisance at times!

It is called Plica Syndrome and I would guess that there are a lot of you that are shaking your head saying, “What is that?”  I will try to describe it in simple terms. Borrowing from Google.

“A plica is a fold of synovial membrane most commonly in the anteromedial aspect of the knee. A plica is present in about 50% of the population and are thought to be the remnants of embryonic connective tissue that failed to fully reabsorb during your fetal development. Luckily, most plica are asymptomatic.”

Yes, most plica’s do not cause a problem and if they do they are healed through the other methods I listed earlier.  There are the rare times though where some plica just need to be removed by surgery and my plica wins the prize for being the one that needs removed through arthroscopic surgery. When I say rare, I do mean it. For a Dr was quoted in an article about Plica saying he only does about one surgery a year. My surgeon hasn’t done them for a couple years. Its just not one of those common surgeries to have, but my Plica insisted on being special.

I am very glad that I will not have to stay in the “shop” overnight. I prefer my own bed so much more! I was warned that I will have a lot of swelling, but the swelling and pain will be worth it in the end! I am very ready to be able to be more mobile, though I know that won’t happen right away!

Stay tuned for who knows what may appear on here. Maybe I will turn my blog over to my dear hubby on Wednesday and Thursday. While I have had that thought I am also still in a mentally aware enough state for now to realize that may not be a good idea.  On Wednesday and Thursday though  my mental state could be in question.

Anesthesia really knocks me out! It seems to take awhile to totally get out of my system. So who knows what kind of post you could get. Just be reassured that if you don’t hear from me for a couple days I am still here, I did not disappear.  I just may be taking a trip into space for a little while. But when my spaceship lands I will be very glad to connect with all of you again.


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If your mirror breaks today Watch Out, for then you may not be able to see the black cat behind you!

A black cat crossing your path on Friday the 13th can only mean one thing….it has somewhere to go, just like you.

Knocking on wood is supposed to be good, just don’t be knocking on a wooden ladder while walking under it!

Do something daring today! Go to a hotel and get a room for the night on the 13th floor!

slide2120  🙂 Yes, I know I shared this once this week already, but I thought it fit for today. Pooh doesn’t care about what the date is! I think eating honey may be brain food, for Pooh can be very smart. 🙂



Do you want to know a Secret?

f85d510ee2068f25dd9e5fa17c9d3c18 painting done by John Arthur Lomax

It was a beautiful day to be out for a walk. Daily exercise is healthy and Madame Rose always enjoyed Edmund’s company. He was such a charming fellow.

She could recount so many fun moments that her and Edmund had shared together. Her sister usually frowned upon her keeping company with Edmund, but what did she know. Rose loved her sister but she was  so stiff and formal. Rose had told her so many times to loosen up and enjoy life.  She still chuckled when she thought about the tea party that her sister had 2 weeks ago and the uninvited guest that came that day.

On that day Rose had been getting so tired of sitting at the tea party and listening to boring conversation. Her sister had got up from the table and was walking back to get the delicacies that the servant had been too slow in bringing.  She was soon on her way back carrying a full platter.  She was walking towards her table and guests when out of nowhere the goat that lived down the road came and butted her right in the back knocking her down.  The delicacies on the platter all scattered on the ground.

It was so hard for Rose to control her laughter as she helped her dear sister up to her feet and pretended to yell at the goat. The goat was already running away for her sister’s screams had been shrill, but the goat did make sure to gulp down some of the delicious delicacies first.

That was the best tea party Rose had ever been too.  Her sister though was not amused!

Where was Edmund? He had said he would meet her at half past 12. Oh, there he was. She turned her head. He was coming down the steps towards her wearing a big smile.

“Have I got a secret for you!” Edmund said with delight.

Rose smiled as all sorts of things passed through her mind, oh what could it be. Edmund always had the best secrets. She leaned in closer so that she was sure she would hear him clearly.

He leaned close to her putting up his hand and said, “The secret is…”

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Frost is on the ground and its only a few degrees above freezing, but by this weekend its supposed to be in the 70’s, so Spring will win in the end! I hope you can feel warmth in your heart today.  That these quotes can bring a smile to your face and help to encourage you for those times that your soul has trouble finding Spring.


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Can You Imagine?

The other day there was a post on Facebook about something that occurred back in 2006. It had made headline news at the time and most likely there are some of you that will remember the story.  When I read the story again the emotions swirled through me once more. How would I have felt?

You are sleeping and the sound of the ringing phone rudely awakens you.  You answer the phone and your living nightmare unfolds. Your daughter was involved in a horrible accident when on her way back to Taylor University with other students and a staff member.  A semi-truck had crossed the median and hit the Taylor van head on. Your precious daughter was one of the 5 that did not survive. Yes, your dear daughter was dead. One phone call has suddenly turned your world upside down.

Now imagine another scenario.  Again you are sleeping and the phone rudely awakens you, there has been a horrible accident.  Your dear daughter survived but is in a coma, The extent of her brain injuries could be very severe. Your world changes for now you are dedicated to spending as many possible waking moments as you can with your dear daughter at the hospital. Holding her hand while she is in a coma. Talking to her, crying over her and spending endless hours praying for her.

Now for the last scenario.  Your dear daughter wakes up! Your heart is filled with an incredible joy! She begins to write answers down to simple questions. Her brain injuries aren’t as severe as feared that they would be and gratitude flows through you. Bandages are taken off her face, the swelling has gone down. Your daughter is on her way back to you and then…. Something isn’t right. Answers that she gives to your simple questions don’t line up.  You look closer at her, something doesn’t look right. Your stomach begins to churn as your heart pounds, as the pieces come together to form a puzzle that you do not want to see!

Your heart can’t deny the truth, this isn’t your daughter. 5 long weeks have gone by. 5 long weeks of pouring your heart and soul into helping your daughter recover, only to realize the shocking truth, its not your daughter!  Your daughter is dead and was buried 5 weeks ago under the wrong name!

Can you imagine?? I just can’t fathom coming to that realization that your daughter is dead and you didn’t even go to her funeral!  What is now GREAT JOY for another family means HORRIBLE PAIN to you!

Yes, a devastating identity mix up happened with this accident. Laura Van Ryn and Whitney Cerak were both students at Taylor and riding in the van together. A medical worker at the time of the accident found Whitney’s purse on the ground with her ID in it, next to Laura Van Ryn’s body and used that as positive ID.

Absolutely crazy, I know! In this day and age how could something so serious as this mix up  happen! I don’t often do book reviews on here, but the story of these 2 families is one worth reading! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. Get out your tissues.

In 5 weeks time both families experienced both great joy and devastating  grief, just at different times.  It is a inspiring story of how these families survived and how 2 families who were once total strangers now have become close friends.

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The Adventure that didn’t make it into the Books!

Perhaps its dangerous for me to write fairy tales, seems like something magical happened to my original post! I apologize if you got half of a story that came to your email. Not sure what was up. Some funny magic was in there air. Hopefully this time around will work!  Enjoy!

“Once Upon a Time”… Its how almost every fairy tale begins. Then the Prince saves the damsel in distress and they all live ” Happily Ever After!”

Did you ever wonder though what happens to some of the minor characters? Do you think the carriage really just sat and waited patiently for Cinderella to be done at the ball?  Don’t you think that perhaps he wanted to have more adventures before having to return to the pumpkin patch.

Once upon a time, far far away there lived a little girl named Thumbelina. She loved her little house with her matchbox bed, life was good.  Most days she was happy in her little home, but some days she felt so all alone.

One evening she was sitting and reading when she heard someone knocking on her door. Whoever could that be for she doesn’t usually get visitors. She slowly opened the door and was surprised to see not one, but seven tiny dwarfs standing outside.

Thumbelina couldn’t believe it!  She was so happy to have some company that she invited them all inside.  It was a little crowded in her tiny home, but they made do as she served them all some little bowls of miniature macaroni.

They were all having such a nice time of visiting when Happy spoke up.  “Thumbelina on behalf of all of us I would love to offer you to  come live with us in the woods. We are pretty easy to live with and we know Snow White would love to have another female to keep her company.”

All the dwarfs excitedly agreed, well almost all. There was one dwarf grumbling with a pout on his face. Thumbelina was very excited, finally she wouldn’t be alone anymore!  She was a little concerned though about the grumbling dwarf.

“Don’t worry about him. That is Grumpy, and he is just grumbling for he is afraid that you will be like Snow White. She is always telling him to pick up after himself and she agrees with Doc about him eating more spinach and less donut holes.”

Thumbelina smiled as she turned to Grumpy and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t like spinach either!”  Grumpy let out a little huff, but there was a hint of a smile on his face.

It didn’t take long for Thumbelina to pack up her matchbox bed and a few other little things. Once they woke up Sleepy they were all in the carriage directing it to their little house in the woods.  Thumbelina couldn’t wait, she just knew that she was going to live happily ever after with her new wonderful friends!

The carriage had dropped off its little riders and was traveling along the road again back to Cinderella’s Ball.  As they were traveling the driver noticed something in the distance. There was a horse and rider on the side of the road. The horse was panting hard and the rider was standing by it rubbing it down with a worried face.  The driver stopped the carriage and asked if he could help.

“Oh yes sir. Please! My horse has traveled a great distance and is worn out. I can’t push him further but I have a fair damsel in distress to save!  Could you please give me a ride to a special tower not too far from here?”

The driver nodded and off they went. They arrived at the tower and the Prince jumped out of the carriage running and shouting as he went. “Rapunzel I’m coming, let down your hair!”

The hour was getting late, the driver knew he had to get the carriage back to the Ball. He picked up the pace and didn’t see the little old lady starting to cross the road. She yelled and her basket of apples went flying out of her hand. All the apples were trampled by the horses as the lady was rubbing her sore shoulder looking at her smashed apples in despair.  Snow White never knew how her luck had changed that night.

Cinderella was running up the steps to head out of the door. She rushed out the door and the carriage was sitting in the exact same place where it had dropped her off. She climbed in and said, ” OH I have had the most magical night of my life!”  The driver smiled, for he knew that she hadn’t been the only one.

Beauty Blooming


Springtime in Paris. It really is beautiful with the Cherry blossoms. I remember how they were all over the sidewalk in front of Notre Dame and it filled your heart with joy at the beauty.  These pictures are from Pinterest but it reminded me of our trip there 4 years ago.

I am feeling sentimental, for my oldest is getting closer and closer to graduation. Tonight was her Senior Prom and my eyes got misty as we took pictures.  Yes, I will be in trouble at graduation. Where did time go?

My daughter fell in love with Paris when we were there. Her room has a Paris theme. She is my city girl and she really hopes to go back someday.

I remember when we were on our trip our tour guide told us how she sometimes gets asked, ” Is that the real Eiffel Tower”?   We laughed for that question seems so crazy.  No, its  just a replica, the real one is hidden on some lone island somewhere. It seems crazy, but now similar thoughts are coming to my mind. Is this really her Senior Prom? Is that really my beautiful daughter, all grown up?  How can it be, for I still can see her so clearly as 4 years old in my mind.

I pinch myself, just like I did when we were walking the streets of Paris. I asked my husband, are we really here, followed by, “If I am dreaming, please don’t wake me!”  Now my husband turns to me and asks, ” Who is that girl? When did she grow up?”  Are we dreaming, will we soon hear a 4 year old temper tantrum again?  Will we go back to the days that we thought would never end?

It’s Springtime in Paris and the cherry blossoms are budding and there is beauty all around. It is Springtime here and my daughter is blooming. Her future awaits here and who knows how far she will go.  The sky is the limit!