Sunday’s Super Short Stories!

No, you did not read wrong! Yes, the title may sound very similar to Friday’s blog post.  On Friday some of my followers and I were having a little talk about how Sunday’s Super Short Stories had a nice ring to it and how perhaps Friday’s Super Shorts should be changed to Sunday’s Super Shorts. Plus how sometimes Friday’s Super Shorts may actually become Sunday’s Super Shorts depending when they are read and what time zone the reader is in.  Confused yet? 🙂  No change yet, just thought I would give you a bonus this week of Super Short Stories, hope you don’t mind!

Some answers only lead to more questions, which lead to you being more curiouser and curiouser … so be careful what you ask!

The best Hugs are the ones that Hug the heart!

Surprise visits from friends = awesome therapy!

A bonus short fun story for you:  My friend and I were talking  about when I was at the hospital.  She was saying how my husband was texting her about me watching a cartoon and how I was saying things that didn’t make sense. I am soooo glad that there was no tape recorder in my room. I said again how I don’t remember anything from that time. She commented how my husband probably should have taken away my phone, for what if I clicked on Amazon. You know it just take one click!  So I told my husband if packages start showing up at the door, then we know what else I did while I was traveling in my “spaceship.” 🙂


28 thoughts on “Sunday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. So, if you did click on Amazon, I hope those deliveries contain things you just love and always wanted but would’ve never bought unless you were…….well, under the influence of anesthesia!! Lol.

    I hope your recovery is a super short story! 😂😂
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Haha! I think I am safe. Don’t expect any packages to show up. With my luck if I did that I would be getting crazy things that I look at saying , “What was I thinking!” 🙂
      Thanks, so far the recovery is going pretty well but it is welcome to speed up! 🙂


  2. Sunday’s Super Short Stories on Sunday too…Splendiferous! It is definitely Sunday where I am sitting, 8:30 P.M. to be exact. This could really benefit you…less thinking about what to post on Sunday, less work if you combine the story search for Friday and Sunday, less chance of alienating readers as F.S.S.S. is an already known winner and that’s just off the top of my head. The potential benefits are practically endless. But, there are also the risks…not enough diversity to maintain a reader’s interest, blogger boredom and burnout, rapid depletion of super short stories, and that’s just to name a few. I should definitely leave blogging to the blogger and simply be the best follower that I can be. Thank-you!

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    • Sorry, you had me confused at first, for I hadn’t seen your question and didn’t know if you were referring to my 1st “story” or what. 🙂
      You are like me curiosity usually wins out!
      I am sorry though for it was 9:04pm here in Pennsylvania too when it was 9:04pm in Rhode island, not midnight. Am I misunderstanding your question?


      • I will try to clarify, though that may only add to the confusion. If you look back at my first comment, I had written that it was 8:30 P.M. and indeed it was. However, if you look at the time that it appears as posted it reads 12:37 A.M. There is usually only a difference of time posted if one lives in another time zone, but R.I. and Pa. are the same zone, as opposed to say Ca. or Fla. Now, I will add the exact time that I am posting this comment and look at the time it reads below my name. Okay, it is 2:39 P.M.

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        • I am sure there is a logical explanation but my brain isn’t thinking real logically right now. Perhaps you should put the question to Colin, he tends to think a tad more logically than me at times. 🙂


    • Hi Ellen. We too are on the same time as Carolyn… and are constantly posting “in the future” apparently! My guess is that she has either inadvertently changed her computer settings, or never set them to her local time in the first place! Neither would surprise me! 🙂


      • OH gosh! I can always depend on you Colin for logical answers, can’t I!
        Sorry Ellen, as much as I would like to disagree with Colin’s logic, wellll…….I’ll just leave it at that.
        Hey you 2 should just feel clever that you can post “in the future”! Until you said something Ellen, I hadn’t noticed, which yes, I know, that goes right along with Colin’s logic.
        I see the direction this day is going in! 🙂

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