Sunday’s Super Short Stories!

Spring is showing its sunny smile!


You never know when life may throw you a twist….but you know that your friends and family are always there to give you a boost!


Perhaps I wasn’t in Space this week. Perhaps I went with the White Rabbit!


Just to clarify things, if you are confused by my last “story”, No, I haven’t lost it. I was referring to my hospital experience from earlier this week.Β  The Spaceship has landed!




21 thoughts on “Sunday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Love both the puttytats and the bunny. The first photo, however, is spectacular! They all make me smile and that’s a good thing.

    Hope your recovery is progressing nicely and you aren’t too uncomfortable. The fact that you feel well enough to post is a good sign. Happy healing!
    πŸ”ΉGinger πŸ”Ή

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  2. Just wondering…is this last Friday’s Super Short Stories posted late, or this Friday’s Super Short Stories posted early, or during your spaced out moments did you decide that Sunday’s Super Short Stories has a definite ring to it? No matter, they are a welcome addition to any day. Although, there is a definite ring… but, I digress. I have been waiting all day to see if you were up to posting. I almost when back to yesterday’s post to add an unrelated comment, but the timing felt off somehow. Then, lo and behold, today’s or Friday’s post ( the jury is still out on that) suddenly pops into my inbox. It is just in time, so that I can extend my wishes to you for a Happy Earth Day! This must take on new meaning for you, having recently returned via spaceship! I will not insult your intelligence by telling you all about Gaylord Nelson’s gift of the first Earth Day celebration back on April 22, 1970. I will however, and you must have known that I would, share a quote from him : “The ultimate test of man’s conscience is the willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations, whose thank you will not be heard.” God Bless You & Good Night! Thank-you too!

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  3. I’m behind- as usual. This is the first I’m hearing of the hospital so I definitely need to catch up. (Hope all is well!) I love the white rabbit- being the Alice fan that I am! πŸ™‚

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  4. That’s so funny that you think #2 is the tabby giving the black cat a boost.
    That’s NOT the way I see it.
    I see the tabby BITING the black cat’s ankle.
    Because the black cat is trying to run off without doing HIS chores again. πŸ˜€

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