The Spaceship has landed!

The spaceship has landed! Well it may be more accurate to say that it is hovering over the earth.  Not quite fully landed yet.  Its been quite the surprising ride!

I went in Wednesday morning for my knee surgery which was scheduled to be an outpatient procedure. I was in good spirits that morning as I was reading some emails and texts while waiting with my husband. They called me back and I was ready to get it over with and be on the road to recovery. The nurses were very nice and I remember the feeling of starting to go into La-La land, feeling totally relaxed.

The next thing I knew I was awake with a very dry mouth. I was glad it was over and had just asked the nurse if I could have some ice chips or water for my mouth.

Then my hand started shaking uncontrollably, which was soon followed by my foot and whole side shaking. They tried to give me something to stop it, but the shaking only got worse.  My body was having a severe reaction to the anesthesia and I was having convulsions.

It is a very weird feeling not being able to control your body. I flung my one hand so hard that my IV popped out. I had between 5-7 people holding me down at one time! For those of you who may not know, I am very small. I am the type of person that can fairly easily be thrown over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I never dreamed that I ever would have to be restrained by so many people. A very strange feeling to know that you are making someone’s hands go numb by pushing down on your legs so hard. They were worried that I was going to hurt my knee by the way I was moving my legs but they also didn’t want to push down too hard on it and hurt it that way.

I scared my poor husband and family. Poor guy thought he was being called back to see me in recovery but instead got taken to a empty room. Now when you have a loved one that has gone through surgery and you get called back, being taken into an empty room is NOT a good feeling!

The good news is that all that is in the past now and I am actually not feeling too bad. The pain is tolerable. I just am very tired because of all the drugs that were pumped into me. I been up the most today but thinking I will have to take another snooze again soon.

Just one more thing to share about my “Space” story before I go. Once my convulsions stopped, when I basically got knocked out by meds I remember nothing. I spent that night in the hospital, my parents came to see me in the hospital, my Pastor came to see me. I talked to them. My kids were there and I talked to them. I had sent them some texts before they came. I remember nothing!  That part still freaks me out some. I don’t remember being discharged, I don’t remember my husband stopping at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up meds.  I don’t remember coming home. Its all one big blur.

I guess I didn’t realize how close to the truth I was being when I said I was taking a trip to space in my post about the upcoming surgery last week. I took a extra long trip there, and am very glad I made it back down to earth, or like I said, hovering for now.

Thank you very much for all your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreciated and I have no doubt that I will come back down to earth totally once again. Back to being as sane as always, but for now my bed is calling.



42 thoughts on “The Spaceship has landed!

    • Thanks Colin. Yes, quite the unexpected surprise ride. Though I should be used to “unexpected surprises” shouldn’t I. 🙂 This was the kind of unexpected surprise though that I would rather be just a once in a lifetime thing!
      LOL at the “practice run”, you always have a way of putting a different pespective on things.

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  1. Surgery does not scare me, anesthesia terrifies me! The horror stories that I myself have witnessed and those that I have heard are never shared…some things are better not repeated. One could say that anesthesia is a necessary evil, that one being me. Oh bother, my propensity for loquacity is once again causing confusion and delay. I just want to say…Welcome Back, YOU have been missed immensely! And, God Bless You & Good Night!

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    • Anesthesia never scared me before. In fact the kids and I were talking about the risks of anesthesia before my surgery. My youngest was the one more adamant about it and I told them that yes things can happen but it’s very rare. Well….
      Thanks for your sweet words. I missed you too and I always enjoy your loquacity dear Ellen. 🙂 (((Hugs)))


  2. What a horrible experience for you and your family. Scary stuff, anesthesia. Never know what kind of reaction you might experience. So sorry you had to go through this, but glad to hear you’re doing much better. Thank goodness the pain is tolerable. Get all the sleep you need…. Best medicine there is. Hope the rest of your recovery goes well with no surprises.
    🔹Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. It was scary for my family, but thankfully it is behind us now. I am hoping that I won’t need another surgery for a very long time if ever for anesthrsia was one thing I never worried about before. Yes I would read about how in rare cases you can have severe reactions on the paper that I had to sign my name to but it didn’t phase me. I had several surgeries before and never a reaction. This one though I don’t think I will forget too soon!


  3. Oh wow! Surgery itself is scary, but to have an anaesthetic reaction that causes convulsions, that’s very scary. I’m really glad you’re okay and on the path to recovery. Thank goodness you didn’t hurt yourself and you know in the future, just in case, that you’re allergic to anaesthetics. From what I read reactions to certain ones aren’t uncommon. Feel better soon!

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    • Thanks Kate. I am slightly more than 12 lbs.,LOL! But it’s true when it comes to certain things size really doesn’t matter. I was actually feeling sorry for the ones holding me down. That’s what felt so strange , I didn’t want to fight them but my body wasn’t paying any attention to what I wanted.
      I just wanted to go to sleep! They kept talking to me through it all to keep me alert. I remember the one guy asking me how I spell my name and I was like really I have to answer that. At the time I was like isn’t there more important things you should be doing then asking me to spell my name. LOL!
      Then it would click in me what they were doing.


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