Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy First Day of Spring! Can’t say that it feels like the first day of Spring with snow in our forecast, but the calendar isn’t wrong. I just think that Winter may be upset that he slept most of his time away and is trying for one more big show.  Either way I hope you can have a great day, whether you are making a snow angel or picking out flowers to plant in your garden. Hopefully some of these quotes will plant themselves in your mind and be there for you to pull out again when you need a smile.

Well so much for thinking that Winter might miss giving us a Goodbye show! I wrote that first paragraph before I left for my physical therapy appt. this morning, yes I still have a troublesome knee, but…that’s another story. I am home now, 2 hours later and the snow is coming down fast.  They are saying we could get up to a foot! If we do, I will have some pretty pictures to show you in tomorrow’s post. 🙂

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HAPPY SPRING! 🙂 They are now saying up to 14 inches.  We will see how close they are to being right. If it does snow all day and through the night like it is supposed to, well then….we may be really waking up to a Winter Wonderland!

The Symphony of Life

Sometimes we just don’t know, we can’t find the answers that we so earnestly seek. Sometimes we have to take deep breaths and just let go!

Let go and breathe. Breathe in the fragrance of peace.

There are unanswered questions that rattle around in our brain, but we were never promised that all our questions would be answered. We were never promised that we would understand all things.  Sometimes we need to just let go.

We need to let go of our strong and at times overwhelming desire to know.  We need to find the peace that can be there, amidst the unknown.

For sometimes we really can’t know.

My dear friend’s daughter is having a very serious surgery on Wednesday, she would love to know that everything is going to turn out okay and that her daughter will be fine. But there is no way that can be known.

Yes, she is worried, what parent wouldn’t be, but she also has a inner peace. A peace that has helped to sustain her through so many challenges that life has thrown her way.  She is one of the strongest women that I know.  I am so blessed to be her friend and I cherish the things that she has taught me.

There is one quote of hers I will always remember.  Something that helps to balance her thinking when going through the hard times. When curve balls are thrown our way and life feels upside down, it can be so tempting to say, ” Why me! Why is all this bad stuff happening to me?”  But she turns it around and says, ” Why not me? What makes me better than anyone else? Why should I be exempt from the hard times?”

Yes, there are things I long to know about some hard situations, but for now they aren’t there. There are answers that I wish I had to give to my friends who are struggling, but I have none. I can’t tell them what tomorrow will bring, how their situation will turn out. I can’t answer the many questions scrambling around in their brain.

There are some questions with answers that we won’t know for a long time and there are some questions that may always be left unanswered.  We can either drive ourselves crazy with wondering or we can make the choice to let go!

I enjoy Classical music and in a way it reminds me of the questions and hard times of life.  Sometimes the hard questions of life cause pounding in my head. Reminds me of some of the more  loud and dramatic moments in some Classical pieces. The questions keep persisting and you feel like you can’t stop the noise in your head. The noise can fill your whole body for its so powerful and in that moment its all you are thinking about. It shuts out everything else.

Then a breath of fresh air comes along like a bird soaring on its wings. The flute chimes in along with the strings.  Happiness rings and you feel like you are dancing with swans on the lake.

When you put all those moments together it can make a beautiful song.  Life is a mixture of so many different things and it can be your very own unique and beautiful symphony. A beautiful symphony , even amidst the unanswered questions, the sunshine and the rain.


Blinded by the Light

The light was blinding. as if it was coming from her heart, for she felt such joy. She squinted her eyes and kept walking towards him. Towards the love of her life!

She felt the soft sand as it squished under her feet. She heard the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the shore.

His face, oh his face; it was shining so bright! It was like the sun had circled itself around his head. She continued to squint as she kept walking.  She couldn’t see his face very clearly, but that was okay, she knew it was him.

His voice.  She heard his voice. His deep calming voice calling out to her. She was coming, she was coming. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. Instead she kept walking, though something didn’t seem right. Why was it taking so long to get to him?  Why did his face seem clear at one moment but then blinded by the light at the other one. She stopped, her legs were growing tired, perhaps she would just lie down in the soft sand and sleep.  Yes,  that felt much better now.

There it was again. She heard her name. Who was calling her?  Who was interrupting her peaceful sleep?  She knew that voice, yes that was the voice of her true love. He was calling out to her, but why?  Again she tried opening her mouth but once again no words came out. She kept trying. Where was the blinding light coming from? Now she was hearing other voices too, though they were muffled, she couldn’t make them out. Her eyelids felt so heavy as she squinted again. Once more she opened her mouth.


He had never heard such a sweet voice. It was music to his ears. The Doctors had said she had been in a coma for too long.  Everyone had been losing hope, except for him.  He had clung to hope. The lights were so bright in the hospital room, but no light was as bright as the one coming from his heart. With one hand he wiped away the tears falling from his eyes and with the other he squeezed her hand.


I must give credit to my dear husband for this story. Sometimes just a few simple words can be an inspiration. We were driving home and I had said how I still needed to write a blog post for today. He mentioned how it must be hard constantly coming up with new ideas. I said how sometimes ideas flowed no problem than other times…like today, not quite as easily.

After that I commented about how blinding the sun was and grabbed the sunglasses to put on. He jokingly said, ” Are you going to write about how the sun glared in your eyes?”  Yes, I may have rolled my eyes at him in response, but then … Perhaps I need him to make suggestions more often. 🙂

Some Irish Nuggets

For all you Dr. Seuss fans out there and in honor of St.Patrick’s Day I want to share this comic with you that my husband showed me today.


Here is a Irish limerick too,  feel free to make up one of your own!

There was a young fellow who thought
Very little but thought it a lot.
Then at long last he knew
What he wanted to do,
But before he could start, he forgot.



Sorry if that caused you to groan…. is this better?

Question: How did the Irish Jig get started?

Answer: Too much to drink and not enough restrooms!

How many of you have heard the Unicorn Song? I didn’t even know there was one.  It showed up when I typed in Irish songs. I was also surprised to see that Shel Silverstein wrote the lyrics. I enjoyed his books and I have my brother’s copy of  ” Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

I hope you enjoy this fun song. You gotta love the Unicorn!



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Living your life like tomorrow is guaranteed makes as much sense as believing that elephants can fly!


Music gives wings to your spirit and makes it soar.

Closed eyes miss out on beautiful moments that can be gone in the blink of an eye!


This picture was taken by my daughter this morning when driving to school. No, she wasn’t driving, I was. 🙂



To Walk Out or Not Walk Out?

As many of you are probably aware of today is  ” National Walk Out Day.”  Schools stretching the whole way across the US are holding peaceful protests,  as students walk out of their schools at 10am today.  They are doing it in memory of the 17 Parkland High School victims who were shot and killed one month ago today.

There have been differing views about this day and I would like to hear the opinions of my readers. There are many schools and parents that are supporting it, encouraging the students to use their voice and send a message to the government. A message to the government that things need to change! There are also schools and parents against it.

One High School principal  from Texas created a stir among parents when he sent a letter home that said very bluntly that any child that walks out of the school on March 14th will face 3 days of in-school suspension.  That he doesn’t care if 500 students walk out, they will all face suspension. His letter was very cold.

What caused a lot of parents to fire back at him was due to the one phrase that he stated in the letter.  I cannot repeat it verbatim but it mainly said how he will not allow any disturbance and interruptions to interfere with the structured learning environment of his school.

Well, can you imagine what the parents comeback was.  “What will happen to your structured environment when gun shots ring out?  That so many students learning environments have already been fatally disturbed and interrupted. ”

There have been very popular Universities that have made statements supporting the students who walk out. Telling the students to not worry if their school takes  disciplinary action taken against them for walking out, that it will not hinder them getting accepted into the University. I know some schools who were close enough to Washington,  D.C. that were planning bus trips to D.C. to protest with signs in front of the White House.

What is your opinion?  I am actually encouraged to see how the Parkland students have reacted to this whole thing. They were the ones who set the ” Walk Out Day” across America in motion. They are standing up for change!  They are saying Enough is Enough! They have been brave and bold as several students from Parkland have spoken to members of Congress, the Senate and the President. I have been amazed at how they have articulated themselves so well with some of the speeches that I have heard from them.

Is Walking Out the right thing to do?  Yes, I know that there are some students who will just walk out to get out of class,  period.  Are there better ways to protest?

I think the way some schools are handling it including ours may be a better option. No, the kids are not allowed to walk out. We got a letter last week from the School Superintendent. Yes, they will face disciplinary actions if they walk out.  This letter though  had such a different tone to it versus the previous letter I had shared about from the Texas High School.

Our Superintendent recognizes that this is a huge issue and he believes that it should be given attention. At 10am all the students will gather in the assembly to have a moment of silence for the Parkland victims. After that moment of silence there will be an open mike for the students to share their concerns and thoughts  about the school shootings. Share what they think our school can do to be more safe.

I am glad that our school is not just ignoring this day due to the fact that they don’t want students walking out. I am glad that they are recognizing that this is a serious issue and our teens should be able to have a day of letting their voices be heard. With that said if our school was providing bus trips to Washington, D.C. today, yes my kids would be on the bus.

Washington listen up! Our future leaders, the youth of America are standing up. Enough is Enough. Change needs to happen and it needs to happen now!



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  Has the week started on a good note for you?  I hope so. If not, I hope that these quotes can help bring some sunshine to your week. I heard the first quote a couple weeks ago from a friend and I  really liked it.  It was perfect timing when it popped into my head again this morning.

A very dear friend is going through a hard time and we were “chatting” a little bit this morning and when I saw the Number 3 quote I thought of her. But it is for all of you. We all need to remember that we are are amazing in our own special, unique way! We are originals, there are no copies. Smile at yourself in the mirror today and then go out and pass on your smile to others!


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10. 26a585717143a3cc82b531f7e76346a3  I had to smile at this one and knew I had to share it. My husband bends and I stretch. 🙂

The Time Has Come!

The time has come!

There was no more waiting. The long winter nights were gone. Spring had sprung in their hearts, for the time was here.

How they had longed for this day to come. Their aching hearts sometimes felt like they  were going to burst with the pain that they held.  They clung to each other when they felt like they could take no more. Their questions of “Why” and “How long?” seemed to only bounce off the walls as the echoes of silence roared in their ears.

How many nights had she laid awake not being able to sleep?  How many nights had she rocked in the rocking chair pretending that her empty arms were full?

They wanted to hear the sound of little feet running down the hall and see fingerprint smudges on the walls.

Their refrigerator was too bare. It should be decorated with a toddler’s art.

Would the names “Mommy and Daddy”, ever be meant for them? Or would they always hear them directed to someone else in the crowd?

Would he ever get the chance to pick up his child in his strong arms, throwing them up in the air and catching them again?  Would he hear the words, “Again Daddy, again!” Then would he feel the touch of their small hand tucking itself into his as they looked up at him smiling and saying,  ” I love you Daddy!”

Would his heart know how it felt to be melted by his child’s touch and words?

Would she ever be able to sing lullabies to her sweet child? Or would they remain silent, trapped in her heart, never to be heard.

She remembers how the hurt in her heart was so real.  She remembers all the tears that  ran down her cheeks and how on some days all she could do was cry.

The time has come!

There is a little one wrapped in a blanket now looking up at her. She isn’t dreaming, the morning has come. Her little one is here and she is  gazing into her  precious Mommy’s eyes.

The joy in her heart is bursting and as she looks down at her precious angel all she can do is cry.

This is lovingly dedicated to a dear couple whose prayers have been answered! A couple who has endured a long time of waiting and miscarriages. My heart goes out to the many others out there who are still anxiously waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled.

My dear friend is a Grandma, and I know she was crying too when she laid her eyes on her granddaughter for the first time. Welcome to the world beautiful one!  Your wonderful parents have hearts overflowing with love for you!

It’s All About You!

I love my readers!  You all touch my heart, make me smile and make me laugh with your comments. Even when some of the comments have me laughing at myself!


You make me feel all the colors of the rainbow and more. 🙂  So today is about you. I did this once before and it was fun to read the answers. How would you answer 1 or all of these questions?  If you don’t care for the questions make up some of your own and answer them. Ask me any question you may have.

I would love to chat face to face with  you all, but unfortunately that is just not possible with many of you, so let’s do an impromptu “coffee chat” here. What’s on your mind?

  1. What is a favorite hobby of yours?
  2.  What makes you laugh?
  3. Share a fun memory from your childhood
  4. What is one thing that made you smile today?
  5.  Share a piece of wisdom that you will never forget. Whether it be a quote or something that someone told you.

This isn’t school. There are no wrong answers. This isn’t a test. Have fun and I look forward to reading the comments below!

The Message of the Rose

5dec9b1bcc7b85bbdee4375bb7028882 (no credit was given, found picture on PInterest)

The music flowed from her heart into her fingers as they strummed on the strings. Her fingers moved without her even looking at them, they knew what to do. Her mind was lost back in time as the sweet music flowed.

Was it really possible that love had found her again. That once again it had come in the form of one simple, elegant rose.

She still remembered the way he looked when he had walked right up onto the stage, unaware of others around her.  He only had eyes for her. She remembers how her heart was thumping so loudly that she was sure others had heard.  Was it really him?  He walked towards her with his handsome smile and she gazed into his cobalt eyes, as blue as the sea.

He spoke not a word, he only handed her one simple beautiful cherry red rose.  Thoughts from the past were flooding through her mind as she once again was lost in his sea blue eyes.

His large hand covered hers and he gave her hand a tight squeeze and held her eyes for a moment. Then he gently raised her hand up to his mouth and brushed it ever so lightly with a kiss.  A kiss that she felt tingle through her arm, leading straight  to her heart.

She wanted to speak, but the words were caught in her throat as his smile made her feel as warm as the Tuscan Sun. She felt her emotions welling up inside of her and felt the flush of her candy red cheeks.  He wasn’t in front of her for that long, but time had stood still.  Then with another squeeze of her hand he bowed his head and walked away.  She could still hear the sound of his footsteps walking across the stage. The concert was over, but music was still stirring in her soul.

Since that day he had left roses at her door. What was he doing here?  Why had he come back?

Her hands strummed the melody from long ago. The melody from when they first had met.  The melody that began when he had handed her one simple rose.  A melody that had played out in the months and years to come.  When her heart had danced and been captivated by the music of  their love. The melody that she had quit playing when he had suddenly left, but that had never been forgotten.

Her heart had awakened, it had been asleep for so long.  Now her fingers played the melody with ease once more. The music played as her mind wandered and once again was lost in eyes of cobalt blue.