Healing Rays

There is a fond memory I have from long ago, back when I was a little child.  I have a picture of me sitting on my Dad’s desk while he is working at preparing his sermon. Yes, my Dad was a pastor. He is retired now, but I believe watching him write  and listening to his sermons may have been the spark that started the passion of writing in my own heart.

Now my Dad wants to “follow in my footsteps.” 🙂  He has started a blog called Healing Rays of Righteousness. He thought about calling it Nuggets of Gold, but I told him that was already taken. He is a caring soul who wants to share his faith. I am so thankful for the legacy of faith modeled to me by my parents. I invite you to drop by his site and say “HI!”.  No matter what beliefs you have I feel you will find hope in his writings.  You can at least convey your “sympathies” for putting up with me as a daughter, even if it really is my siblings who gave him the gray hair. 🙂

Here is the link, let him know what wonderful people are here on WordPress. Thank you!






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