Under the Sea


Tianna was enjoying her day, swimming around in the crystal blue sea. She never got tired of living in her underwater paradise.  There was such a vast array of colorful fish and plants. Any color that you could imagine.

Swimming on the back of a emerald green sea turtle was always a treat. As was catching a ride on the back of her shiny, silvery dolphin friends.

Presently she was having a fun chat with her buddy Sammy, a bright golden fish. He always seemed to be happy.  He would swim around making sure to turn everyone’s frowns upside down.

As they were chatting about Charlie the crab’s birthday coming up they were interrupted by a big splash!  The strangest sight appeared before their eyes.

There were 2 elf like creatures tumbling down through the water.  All Sammy and Tianna could do was stare in shock, they were transfixed.  The creatures were thrashing about so much that Tianna couldn’t get a good look at them. She did know though that they were in trouble. They didn’t look capable of breathing underwater for too long!

Out of the corner of her eye she spied Ollie the Octopus moving slowly towards them and from the other direction she saw a group of jellyfish on their way as well. Tianna knew there wasn’t time to waste. She grabbed her special pink seashell and put it up to her mouth as she called her friends, the dolphins.

They appeared in front of her in a flash and Tianna pointed out to them the tumbling elf like creatures.  They quickly swam underneath them lifting them and Tianna up to the surface.

They broke through the water and the 2 creatures took a breath as they clung to the dolphins.

“Wow! I must be dreaming! Jinx are you okay?”

Jinx didn’t reply for he was still catching his breath.

The dolphins gently landed them on the sand and Tianna thanked them as they dove back into the dazzling sea. Jinx and Jangle just stared in wide eyed disbelief.

Jinx was breathing fine now, but was he really awake? Was that really a mermaid in front of him? They weren’t real, were they?  Jangle was talking a mile a minute to her and she just kept cocking her head from side to side as if she was trying to understand.

Jinx thought he would chime in and try to communicate with her by talking slower.  It didn’t work though for as the girl and Jangle looked at him they burst out laughing. Jangle was totally confused, what was so funny?  Then he felt it, his whole head was covered in seaweed.

“Hey Jinx, you have hair now. How does it feel? Very unique hair if I may say. Never saw emerald green hair before.”

Jinx just shook his head at a loss for words, as the seaweed was falling to the sand.

Tianna kept laughing, she had never seen such unique creatures before. She wished that she could understand what they were babbling on about.  One was making faces at the other as he kept picking the seaweed from off his head.

They looked like they had fully recovered from their tumble into the sea, so she figured she would dive back in.  She couldn’t wait to tell Sammy more about the 2 mysterious, babbling creatures.  You never knew what was going to happen when you lived under the sea.

Jangle opened his eyes. He still felt groggy and he banged his hand on the reindeer alarm clock. He banged it so hard that it fell on the floor. The sound of it hitting the floor woke up Jinx.

They didn’t say much as they sleepily got ready for the day. When they were more awake Jangle looked at Jinx.

“Hey Jinx, I had the strangest dream about … wait a minute … what is that on your head?”

Jinx reached up to touch his head as a a emerald green piece of seaweed fell to the floor.


9 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. Benjamin loved this Jinx and Jangle story and was happy that they were safe. He does have two questions for you : 1) “Miss Joy, is this a picture of you?” and 2) “Did My Jodi paint Jinx and Jangle’s pictures yet?” I laughed and told him “NO” to both questions, but he was not deterred from asking you anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

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