The 2nd day of Winter…I mean Spring!

Good Morning! These videos were posted on Facebook by a beautiful Inn that has special meaning to Brad and I.  I got permission to share these video clips on here with all of you. Yes, it is Spring, and we should be seeing green grass, but you can’t deny the beauty shown in these clips. Hope that they bring you a smile!


Lassie, our Sheltie loves the snow. The snow took a break overnight but is well at it again today. Supposed to get an inch a hour through 5pm.



And the Comics are having fun with these first 2 days of Spring. My dear husband found these to pass on.

And a little view from our front porch. There are 2 bushes, the other one is just disguised as all white. 🙂



21 thoughts on “The 2nd day of Winter…I mean Spring!

  1. I think we’re all ready for a ‘spring fling’. Lassie is a beautiful girl. Clearly she’s loving the snow.

    Sadly, I could not bring up the cartoons. 😥 Maybe my iPad has PMS today! The videos are great!

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  2. One clarification. The pictures of Lassie are of her on the patio, which I had already shoveled off last night, which is why it doesn’t look live very much snow. 😉

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  3. I must repeat that I like the snow much better in your yard than mine! Mother Nature was kind and did not leave the amount that was in our forecast. My back and arms are grateful. Benjamin loved the bird videos. He gave your Lassie a kiss on the snowy nose and would like to play with the “snowy dog.” We are going outside now to enjoy some snowy fun. Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Awh! Tell Benjamin Lassie appreciates the “kiss” and would love to play with him!
      I hope you both had fun in the snow! Did you make a magical snowman? Did he dance in the moonlight? 🙂


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