The Symphony of Life

Sometimes we just don’t know, we can’t find the answers that we so earnestly seek. Sometimes we have to take deep breaths and just let go!

Let go and breathe. Breathe in the fragrance of peace.

There are unanswered questions that rattle around in our brain, but we were never promised that all our questions would be answered. We were never promised that we would understand all things.  Sometimes we need to just let go.

We need to let go of our strong and at times overwhelming desire to know.  We need to find the peace that can be there, amidst the unknown.

For sometimes we really can’t know.

My dear friend’s daughter is having a very serious surgery on Wednesday, she would love to know that everything is going to turn out okay and that her daughter will be fine. But there is no way that can be known.

Yes, she is worried, what parent wouldn’t be, but she also has a inner peace. A peace that has helped to sustain her through so many challenges that life has thrown her way.  She is one of the strongest women that I know.  I am so blessed to be her friend and I cherish the things that she has taught me.

There is one quote of hers I will always remember.  Something that helps to balance her thinking when going through the hard times. When curve balls are thrown our way and life feels upside down, it can be so tempting to say, ” Why me! Why is all this bad stuff happening to me?”  But she turns it around and says, ” Why not me? What makes me better than anyone else? Why should I be exempt from the hard times?”

Yes, there are things I long to know about some hard situations, but for now they aren’t there. There are answers that I wish I had to give to my friends who are struggling, but I have none. I can’t tell them what tomorrow will bring, how their situation will turn out. I can’t answer the many questions scrambling around in their brain.

There are some questions with answers that we won’t know for a long time and there are some questions that may always be left unanswered.  We can either drive ourselves crazy with wondering or we can make the choice to let go!

I enjoy Classical music and in a way it reminds me of the questions and hard times of life.  Sometimes the hard questions of life cause pounding in my head. Reminds me of some of the more  loud and dramatic moments in some Classical pieces. The questions keep persisting and you feel like you can’t stop the noise in your head. The noise can fill your whole body for its so powerful and in that moment its all you are thinking about. It shuts out everything else.

Then a breath of fresh air comes along like a bird soaring on its wings. The flute chimes in along with the strings.  Happiness rings and you feel like you are dancing with swans on the lake.

When you put all those moments together it can make a beautiful song.  Life is a mixture of so many different things and it can be your very own unique and beautiful symphony. A beautiful symphony , even amidst the unanswered questions, the sunshine and the rain.


27 thoughts on “The Symphony of Life

  1. Going….going….gone!! Your friend sounds very wise and very grounded. Like her quote. I think it’s harder getting through these situations when it’s happening to someone we love. Sending positive thoughts and prayers that surgery goes perfect and recovery is quick and uneventful. I hope there will be a follow-up post telling us that’s exactly how it went!

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    • Thank you very much Ginger! Will pass on. your thoughts to her.
      Glad you enjoyed her quote. We often call her the ‘Dali Lama” 🙂 She just shakes her head at us.

      I will also be sure to post a update about how the surgery went tomorrow and will explain a little more about the surgery a little later on.

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    • Change in plans. Due to this crazy snowstorm the surgery has been cancelled! I wish I knew more details but I don’t right now. Apparently the surgeon must not be able to make it there. They don’t know when it will be rescheduled. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. This isn’t a surgery that was just planned a week ago or even month ago. It’s been months! A special surgeon needed to be found and they had to travel a couple hours to another state to have it done. They have been at the hospital since yesterday, for pre-op testing needed done.

      My friend’s daughter was born with a disorder like Morquio syndrome. There is a longer more complicated name but I can’t remember it. It’s a rare birth defect. Many problems can arise from it. It affects their growth due to problems with their skeletal system. Spinal compression is a complication. She has been in a wheelchair for most of her life. Very limited walking. They are planning on fusing some vertebraes together and putting a rod in her back.
      She has been through sooo many operations and is such a trooper! It wasn’t that long ago that her neck was operated on because of problems. Remember the Pollyanna movie well she reminds a lot of people of her.

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  2. I love your friends quote, and it reminds me of another response to challenging circumstances:
    “Why me? Because I am strong enough to handle it, while another may not be so strong.”

    There is also the more Christian version:
    “Why me? Because God wouldn’t give me anything that I cannot handle.”

    Our thoughts, and prayers, are with your friend’s daughter.

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  3. I wonder how many times God used music to lift my spirits, blowing that breath of fresh air through every part of me! I don’t need to know names to hold your friends in prayer, God knows us all. Great post, JoyRoses.

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  4. this is your best written piece by far, it has elements of hope, wisdom and gentle advice for the person who struggles with questions and wanting to control outcomes. I love the way you simplify and clarify these “hard” truths.

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  5. It’s a very good point. Light despite the darkness perceived around us, sometimes hopelessness. But, still when we don’t understand a& don’t know, a tiny flicker or spark, & we see we are not alone & there are better things ahead. I hope your friends’ daughters’ surgery went well & that she is better off for it. That there were no complications & she can have some of those better times now. 🙏

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