The Plan…(A Snowy Day Adventure..Part 2)

Good Morning! If you missed out on reading Part 1 yesterday, here is a link to it. A Snowy Day Adventure.  What do you think the Man-Servant’s plan is? Do you think he really can outsmart his 3 crazy friends, who were so very clever at the way they bombarded him with snowballs.   Grab your favorite hot beverage and take a moment to relax and see what happens.

The Plan (part 2)

“Okay, guys,” he said, “you win! How about we make an igloo?”

“What’s an igloo?” asked Dewey.

“Well,” said the man-servant, “it’s a little house that people live in when they have snow all year round.”

Dewey looked at him with his eyes wide open. “We can really make one of those?” he asked excitedly.

The man-servant showed them how to make large blocks of snow, and then how to stack them for the walls. By late morning, all that remained to be installed was the roof. Odessa wandered over to where the man-servant was standing, obviously deep in thought.

“Ever built one of these before?” she asked him. “Know how you are going to fill the hole in the roof, do you?”

The man-servant looked at her. “It can’t be that difficult, especially with you three to help me. I need some way of supporting the snow blocks in the roof, until they are all in place and supporting each other. I’ve got it!” he said. “You three go into the igloo and stop the blocks from falling inside, while I add the final pieces. Oh … and by the way, once you are in there, I will have to seal up the entrance temporarily, so that there is no chance of the wall collapsing while I am positioning the roof blocks.”

“Is this really how it’s done?” asked Jaxon.

“Close enough,” said the man-servant, “except I believe that the people who live in them use blocks of ice.”

Odessa, Dewey, and Jaxon all went into the igloo, and stood in the middle, waiting for the man-servant to position the final pieces. Dewey and Jaxon had their paws ready, while Odessa was supervising.

Eventually, and much to everybody’s surprise, the final pieces were placed and fit very well. The igloo was complete. The man-servant was walking around admiring it when he heard a muffled sound coming from inside.

“Hey, Man-Servant! When are you going to open up the doorway for us?”

The man-servant stopped and smiled, and in a loud voice so that they could hear him, said, “I can hear voices from somewhere. Perhaps it’s from the farmhouse. I had better go in and check … and probably have a nap while I am there.”

Dewey looked at Odessa. “Okay, genius, how do we get out of here?”

Odessa looked sternly at Dewey. “That type of comment is totally uncalled for, and really not appreciated. If you were to spend a little more time thinking about your natural attributes, you might then answer your own question.”

Dewey looked at her. “How would my eating help here?”

Odessa looked off into the distance, rolled her eyes in despair, and then turned to Dewey. “You have four paws, each one of which is capable of digging. If you can get all four working together, you could have an escape hole done for us in a few minutes.

Jaxon had been listening to the conversation. “I am a good digger as well, so I can take over when Dewey needs a rest.”

“Excellent idea!” said Odessa. “Get started you two, so we can all soon be out of here.”

Dewey and Jaxon took turns digging, and soon they had dug a tunnel out of the igloo. As they were both jumping up and down outside, celebrating their success, Odessa was calling from the inside. “Hey, guys! That hole is too small for me to get through. Can you come back and make it bigger?”

They didn’t hear Odessa in their excitement, and decided to go into the farmhouse and show the man-servant that his plan had not worked.

“Hey, Man-Servant!” said Dewey, as they went into the kitchen. “I bet you’re surprised to see us.”

The man-servant turned and smiled. “Not really!” he said. “I knew that one of you three would figure it out soon enough. Wait a minute … there’s only two of you here, so … where is Odessa?”

Dewey looked at Jaxon, and they both burst out laughing. “Oops!” said Dewey. “We forgot about her in our excitement. She is probably still in the igloo!”

The man-servant looked serious now. “We can’t leave her there forever, and she has no way of getting out on her own, so I think that perhaps we should go and help her to get out.”

Dewey groaned. “Oh … do we have to? It’s so nice and quiet without her around.”

Jaxon, meanwhile, had already started to open up the hole in the igloo when Dewey reluctantly joined him. Soon, a very disgruntled Odessa appeared, and without saying anything, flew into the barn and up onto her beam.

When the man-servant came outside, he saw Dewey and Jaxon looking at each other. “What’s up?” he asked.

Jaxon looked up at him. “It’s Odessa,” he said. “She went into the barn and is not speaking to us. I don’t think that she liked us running off and leaving her in the igloo.” It was decided that they should all go into the barn and talk with her.

“Odessa!” said the man-servant. “Are you not speaking to Dewey and Jaxon?”

“Of course not! They came into the barn with you so how could I. If you meant, do I want to talk with Dewey and Jaxon, then no. I would prefer not to talk to you as well.” said Odessa.

Jaxon decided to try to help. “Odessa,” he said, “we were only having a laugh at your expense, just like we had a good laugh at the man-servant’s expense with our snowball fight. Come on down so we can all talk about it.”

Odessa turned her back on them without saying a word.

Jaxon turned to Dewey. “You try.”

Dewey looked up at Odessa. “Hi, Odessa, this is Dewey. I can see right up your tail feathers from down here.”

Jaxon gave him a kick. “That is not going to help us!” he said.

“Okay,” said Dewey. “Hey, Odessa, do you want to have some of my food? NOT!”

Jaxon looked at him and shook his head in despair. “Please, Man-Servant … can you say something that might help?”

The man-servant told Dewey and Jaxon to go back to the farmhouse so that he and Odessa could hopefully talk.

“They’ve gone now, Odessa,” he said. “How about you coming down here, so we can talk?”

Odessa looked down at him from her beam. “I am going to have a nap.” she said. “Go back to the farmhouse and we’ll talk later.”

The man-servant returned to the farmhouse and told the others what she had said.

Jaxon looked at him. “Did she seem really upset with us?”

“I don’t think so.” said the man-servant. “She was fairly calm and said that she just wanted a nap. I guess we’ll understand her better later, when she wakes up.”

It was not long before they heard Odessa’s voice from outside. “Come on, guys. Come outside and play.” The man-servant put his jacket on and all three of them went outside to meet Odessa, but she was not there. They stood outside the doorway, looking around the yard, but there was no Odessa to be seen.

It was Jaxon who heard the gentle rumbling first. It was coming from the roof immediately above them. He looked up. “Run!” he shouted, but it was too late. A pile of snowballs dropped onto them, followed by even more in a steady stream. When the snowballs had stopped, Dewey and Jaxon could barely be seen by the man-servant, as they were almost buried in snowballs.

“Odessa!” he shouted. “Where are you?”

(to be continued…Part 3, the Conclusion, tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Whoooooo said owls aren’t smart?! But be careful Odessa, you may be hooting another tune if you’re not careful! 😜😜

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