The North Pole Olympics


The elves had been busy practicing ever since Santa had made his big announcement.  No one knew exactly what all the Olympics would entail, but they did know there would be racing.  The reindeer were excited as well and cooperated with practicing. Well they may not have all cooperated. Yes, the tricky reindeer was up to his tricks again.

“Hey Jinx, maybe you should glue your hat to your head, then your reindeer friend couldn’t knock it off your head all the time!”

Jinx looked up from cleaning the sleigh and just stared at Jangle.  There were no words needed. Jangle started whistling as he walked away.

The day finally arrived and everyone was excitedly chattering as they were all grouped together waiting for Santa to arrive.  The reindeer were trying to stay still even though they were very anxious.

Jinx had already got knocked down twice.  He didn’t know who the culprit was but the tricky reindeer was looking very suspicious. One time Jinx bumped into Jangle sending him sprawling as well. All the reindeer laughed then.

“Attention please everyone!” Santa was standing in front of the large group.  “There will be 4 events today. The 4th one will be the big race.  Hopefully you have all had time to review the rules on the papers that were handed out.  Most importantly  the thing to remember is to have fun! Let the games begin!”

The first event was crawling through snow tunnels. Once you got out of the snow tunnels, you had to walk a little distance balancing 2 eggs on your head. Jinx and Jangle had almost made it to the finish line when they tripped and splat went the eggs!

“Hey Jangle didn’t you have the job of hard boiling the eggs?” said Jinx  as he was wiping egg yolk off his forehead.

“Well…..I was hard boiling them…but umm…I must have got distracted with the last batch.”  said Jangle, as they heard some other elves yelling. The reindeer were enjoying the show as they were waiting for the 4th event to begin. The big race!

The 3rd event was the Ice Slide.  It was a long slide of twists and turns. You laid on a mat and the fastest person down won. Jangle went and did pretty well. His mat made it to the bottom though before he did. Somehow he had slipped off his mat and was spinning around. He felt a little dizzy when he at last got to the bottom.

Next was Jinx and he was having 2nd thoughts after watching Jangle, though it was funny to watch him.  He was at the top of the hill debating. He had laid down on the mat but was just sitting there until WHOA!  Something had pushed him. He twisted around to look and saw the Tricky Reindeer smiling big! OOOH now he was going backwards! He got to the bottom and everyone was cheering, he had made it in record time.

At last it was time for the big race. The reindeer were prancing and eager to be off! Jinx and Jangle were still debating who should drive the sleigh when Santa said, “3, 2, 1!” Jangle took off so suddenly that Jinx fell halfway out of the sleigh!  Jangle quickly stopped so that Jinx could get back in and off they went.

They zoomed across the field with Jinx holding onto his hat with one hand and to the side of the sleigh with the other. They were flying over the hills, Jinx’s stomach went up and down. The next thing they knew they both were in the snow as the sleigh tipped over on its side when Jangle rounded a corner too sharply.

“I think I will take over the reins now”, said Jinx.

That was fine with Jangle, he was feeling a little shaken up.

Soon they were off again and were making great time.

The finish line was in sight and Jinx told Jangle to hang on tight that they were going to fly! They went up the hill at full speed and yes they flew across the finish line. They landed with a big bounce as they flew out of the sleigh again, but to everyone’s surprise, including theirs, they had WON!

Santa proudly handed them their trophy and the elves cheered for them. Even the elves that still had egg yolk in their hair.

Jinx and Jangle were feeling pretty proud of themselves. They had worked hard and finally got their team of reindeer and now they had won the North Pole Olympics! Who knows what could happen next!

Jinx was singing a little jig as he was cleaning the sleigh again when “Whop!” He got pushed from behind and once again got a face full of snow as his hat flew off his head. He knew who did it before he even turned around. Sure enough the tricky reindeer was grinning as he held Jinx’s hat in his mouth. Then Jinx saw his hat go flying over the sleigh landing in the snow.  Jinx shook his head as he heard the reindeer laughing and then he remembered something and he started laughing.

He went and grabbed his hat brushing off the snow and walked towards the tricky reindeer with a gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face.

“Guess what! I have something to tell all of you reindeer, good news! Santa awarded a big bag of those extra special treats that you all love as a prize for winning the Big Race.”

They all got excited as Jinx got the bag out of the sleigh and started going around to each reindeer giving them some. He then came to the tricky reindeer and said, “Hmm….this scene seems familiar.  I have a super big bag of extra yummy treats that you really want, but….I think someone got themselves into a hole again.  Guess I am going to have to skip you.”

Laughing,  Jinx walked right by him holding the bag close enough that he could smell it, but not close enough to grab it.  He came around again and this time the tricky reindeer tried to negotiate with him.

“Sorry, you don’t have anything to negotiate with, said Jinx.

“But I will tell you my name at last!”

“Nah, I don’t need that anymore, I can just call you whatever I want. That could be more fun. Looks like you lose …. Again!”

Oh the tricky reindeer made a face as he watched Jinx feeding the other reindeer.  When would he learn!  Someday, someday his luck would change. But for now he was afraid that the picture of that special bag of treats that he wasn’t getting was going to be in his mind for a long time!

Oh wait what was that. Jinx was coming toward him again and he held something in his hand. He opened it up to reveal some of the special treat and handed it to the reindeer. “After all you did help us to win the race!”  Jinx said.

The tricky reindeer munched away happily as he smiled inside. Then he heard Jinx say, “Just  never forget who you are dealing with!” and he chuckled to himself as he walked away.

The tricky reindeer wasn’t afraid, after all, he had been able to push Jinx down the hill and into the snow and he was getting to eat some special treats. He would call that a winning day indeed! Oh the fun that there was to have at the North Pole.





21 thoughts on “The North Pole Olympics

    • The reason I didn’t share about the 2nd event was because sadly Jinx and Jangle were not involved in it.
      See it was a rather long walk to the 3rd event and they were both feeling lazy so Jangle got the bright idea to take a shortcut.

      Sadly the shortcut didn’t turn out as planned. They both fell into a hole and had a very hard time getting out!
      Then they got lost, for they both get confused so easily. They made it to the 3rd event in just the knick of time.

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  1. As I see it elves can obviously do things we can’t so if one sings a jig instead of dancing a jig who am I to question what happened?
    Obviously jinx and jangle skipped the 2nd event because of the egg mishap tried to take a short cut to the 3rd event and of course the shortcut didn’t go as planned… when do they ever go as planned

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  2. Benjamin enjoyed the North Pole Olympics, no complaints about them missing the 2nd event. He does, however, have a problem with the Elf pictured at the beginning of the story. In Benjamin’s own words : “This is not Jinx or Jangle! It is Lila’s Shelf Elf and she will be cross with you.” To explain Benjamin’s consternation…Lila does not share her Elf on the Shelf with anyone. Beware of crossing Lila! Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Give my apologies to Benjamin please. I did not realize it was LIla’s elf. I will not use him again.
      I need Benjamin’s Jodi to paint me a picture of Jinx and Jangle and I can use them. 🙂
      I am glad he enjoyed the story and was okay with them missing the 2nd event, they get confused at times. They are elves after all. 🙂


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