Fight the Octopus

It’s like an octopus as it slowly attaches itself to you. It starts out gradually, so gradually that you barely notice.

You feel like you are in control, that you are the boss. You are glad that at last there is something in your life that you can control. Something that you rule over. You find it comforting in a way and you tell yourself all is well.

One day you wake up and you feel a heavy pressure in your chest. A few more tentacles have hooked themselves onto you. That’s okay you tell yourself, you are still in control. You still rule.

You are feeling weaker. Time has passed and something strange has happened. You are feeling much worse, but yet that can’t be for you are in control, aren’t you?

The pain is becoming overbearing, the voices in your head keep screaming at you. You try yelling back at them but they can’t hear you. They are no longer listening. They now are the ones that rule!

The octopus has attached itself completely to you and is slowly sucking the life out of you. It’s dragging you down deep under the water as you try to keep breathing.

Anorexia is real! A real problem that many people have. Eating disorders can kill you. Please if you need help reach out! Tell someone. Don’t let yourself be dragged under. I care. You are special!

This is National Eating Disorders Awareness Month. Please if you suspect someone has an Eating Disorder reach out to them. You may be just the one that they need to help pull them free of the powerful Octopus.

There are several myths about Eating Disorders but the big one is that it’s all about being thin. It goes so much more deeper than that!

The other one is that if they really wanted to eat they would. In my dear loved one’s situation they didn’t feel they deserved to eat. The voices were so powerful! Plus your body goes from serious hunger pangs to eventually being in serious pain when you eat. Your body wants to reject the food and it will fight you!

The best thing you can do for your friend or family member is to be there for them 100 percent! Don’t be scared off by them.

I say that because the one suffering with an Eating Disorder can really fight you. You have to realize that a lot of the time it’s the voice of the Eating Disorder talking, not them.

Fight for them. They really do need and want you and the battle can be won.

19 thoughts on “Fight the Octopus

  1. I feel bad for those who can’t eat as well as those who can’t stop eating. I can’t imagine what it must be like, especially with people like me around who just don’t understand how this happens. But that doesn’t make us void of compassion or a willingness to listen and learn. There’s always room to learn.

    I hope everyone with an eating disorder is able to connect with someone or some organization that can help them fight their way out of their nightmare.

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    • Thanks for your words. I am sure that you are not alone in not really understanding how it happens.

      A lot of times there are things going on in the person’s life that they feel are out of control. But they can control their eating habits. Sadly it starts controlling them.

      Imagine being at a light. You are being told to go through it, you are being told to eat a muffin BUT your mind sees a red light in front of you. Your mind is telling you that you don’t deserve that muffin, to not dare go through that red light!

      And one more thing. When we look at a anorexic we see very skinny. When they look at themselves in the mirror they see a very overweight person. They truly do. It really is a horrible thing the way the mind distorts things.
      Hope that helps a little.

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