Daily Prompt: Dim

via Daily Prompt: Dim

I never know what may provide inspiration for a post. Something I observe, a memory that pops into my head, a simple little remark made by a friend and so much more. This was inspired by a little remark. Thank you my friend.

Katie was sitting by the window, staring out into the dark clouds and gray skies. It was so dreary outside. She looked around her house and due to a light bulb burning out her living room was even dim.

She looked closer at her walls realizing how long it had been since she had painted them. The paint was peeling and even though the walls weren’t gray, they resembled how it looked outside. Dreary. Her walls were a simple white and when freshly painted they had shined, but all these years later they looked very dull.

Something sparked in Katie’s heart. al She jumped up from the couch, grabbed her car keys and backed the car out of the driveway narrowly missing the mailbox. She was on the way to the Hardware Store. She smiled, the world was already beginning to look a little brighter.

She was excited as she pulled into the driveway a hour later. Apparently the mailbox sensed her excitement and jumped to get out of her way but it missed. Katie at first was speechless realizing she had hit it. Then she thought about the 20 different paint cans that she had bought and figured she would have enough to repaint the mailbox.

Katie sat on the floor with the paint cans surrounding her wondering how in the world she would pick out the right colors to use. There were different shades of blues and greens and yellows. How would she choose! She thought and she thought and she finally came up with a plan.

All through the night she painted and painted some more. Exhausted she fell asleep on the couch after she had painted the final stroke.

She awakened to the sun streaming through her window. She rubbed her eyes and was caught by surprise at the magical shine that appeared on her walls. She beamed!

Her phone was ringing and Katie picked it up. ” Good Morning Katie! Did you start painting yet? What color did you decide on?”

Katie laughed as she looked at her walls. Hmm … what color would she call it? Was there actually a name for it?

“Stacey, why don’t you come over and see for yourself!” Stacey said she would be over later that day and after talking a little longer they said goodbye.

Katie looked at the remaining colors left and knew she had one more job to do. She went outside and painted her mailbox. She almost felt like the mailbox was smiling at her after she finished. It was as bright as the sun.

The mailbox was breathing a sigh of relief now. Surely she won’t hit me now were the thoughts going through its mind. How can she not see me now? Ahh! No more headaches for me!

Later that night Katie was looking out the window again. The sky was dark but Katie felt bright inside.

Stacey had been over earlier and she loved it. She stared for a moment not knowing what to say for the walls really didn’t match any color that Stacey had imagined. It was like Katie had made up a her very own unique color. A color that brightened up the house and gave out a feeling of warmth to all those who entered.

Stacey suggested something that excited Katie. She would love for Katie to paint the walls inside the High School, the one on Emerald Street. It was the one where Stacey was Principal at. Anything that could help brighten the children’s spirits when in school was so needed right now.

Stacey and her talked about how they could even get the kids who were interested involved with the painting. Let them paint some designs if they wanted too. Paint some murals. Let their spirits soar for a little as they spread some cheer in their school.

Yes, Katie’s heart felt good as she looked into the night. She couldn’t wait to get started and help the kids to smile again.

What was that shining through the dark thought Katie. She looked again and then she laughed as she realized what it was. The mailbox was glowing! Apparently Katie has bought Glow in the Dark paint.

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dim

  1. Feeling at loose ends or a bit depressed or even bored can usually be remedied by a project. And a project that involves others that will ultimately make their lives brighter, well that’s just icing on the cake!
    Like Ron, I was feeling sorry for the poor mailbox! But Glow-in-the-Dark paint was the perfect cure for preventing future accidents.
    And thanks Ron. From now on when someone says, “You look like you put on a few pounds”, I’m gonna say, “Nope, it’s just insulation “!! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, you felt sorry for the mailbox too! Love it!
      I have to smile for you and Ron are both fairly new readers and well lets just say I may have a history with the fact that glow in the dark paint may have helped! LOL! Then again, maybe not.
      Just to clarify as you read posts of mine you will see every now and then about how objects like to jump out at my van. Yes, they jump out. 🙂
      Anyway I do like the “insulation” way of looking at weight gain. 🙂


  2. My mom used to get out and walk when she began to feel depressed or lacking in motivation. It helped her. To have a goal as Katie did would work better for me, but putting one’s body in motion does help out. Even more so if it involves doing something for others. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I have gone out in the fresh air many times when my spirits have been down and it really does help!!
      I also remember what my friend would say about her dear Mom. When she lost her husband, she went about making pies for other widows and delivering them to their houses. It really did help make her feel better as much as it helped them.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. How very true Oneta, (I love that name!). I need to to get out and move about more. The Winter slowed me down, and I have apparently packed on more insulation from the cold.

    I loved the story, it made me feel alive, felt a bit sorry for the mailbox at first.

    Liked by 1 person

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