The Exciting News

For my new readers who may not have read any of my Jinx and Jangle stories, here is a link to my previous story which leads into this one. The Tricky Reindeer

Jangle and Jinx had just finished feeding their reindeer team and they were walking back to their cottage.  As they walked along Jangle had an idea come to him and he smacked his forehead.

“Lets make snow angels! Its been a long time since I did that.”  He laid down on the snow and started moving his arms and legs urging Jinx to do the same. At that moment Snowflake came running their way and knocked into Jinx, causing Jinx to fall on his stomach,  landing face first into the snow.

Jangle tried to hold back his laughter as he turned to Jinx and said, ” You are supposed to lie on your back to make a snow angel, but I guess you wanted to be different.”

Jinx grunted in reply and Snowflake helped him up apologizing though she had a smile on her face as well.  ” I am sorry Jinx, I didn’t see you. Hey, maybe you could get a light to wear on your head. something that shines as bright as Rudolph’s nose. That way everybody could see you.

Jangle was laughing along with Snowflake. Jinx rolled his eyes at both of them.

“Speaking of reindeer, how is your reindeer team doing?”

Jangle laughed, “They are doing fine, but Jinx still has a problem at times with the one tricky reindeer.”

“Hmm… a tricky reindeer, which one would that be?”

Jangle laughed for he knew that Snowflake knew who he was talking about. Everyone knew the tricky reindeer and the battle that went back and forth between him and Jinx.

Jinx still didn’t know the tricky reindeer’s name for no one would tell him. They all enjoyed keeping it a secret,  claiming  amnesia whenever Jinx would ask one of them. They knew how curious Jinx could be about things, which made it even more fun to keep him in the dark.

“Well are you guys coming? Santa is getting ready to make the big announcement, I don’t want to miss it.”

Jangle smacked his forehead again. “Oh yes, I had forgotten all about that. Let’s go!”

They made it just in time to hear Santa tell the big news.  There was going to be a big race which included an obstacle course. It would be called The North Pole Olympics. Details would be coming, but portions of the Obstacle Course would be a surprise. Everyone was excited about it and left right away to tell their team of reindeer.

Jangle and Jinx had finished telling their reindeer  about the North Pole Olympics and asked if there were any questions. All the reindeer shook their heads “No”, but the one tricky reindeer just smiled as  thoughts swirled around in his head.

Jangle and Jinx were walking towards their cottage once again and chatting about the big news. “I think it will be a lot of fun!”, said Jangle.

“I am excited to be driving the sleigh again”, said Jinx, “and I am curious as to what all the obstacles will be. There is only one thing that I am concerned about.”

“What is that?” asked Jangle.

“I am sure I saw a mischievous glint in that one tricky reindeer’s eyes when we were explaining to all of them about Santa’s news.  He was looking right at me.”

“Well Jinx, you do know that he still probably remembers how he didn’t get any yummy treats that one day due to you. A reindeer never forgets!”

Jangle smiled to himself, he didn’t think he would tell Jinx what he saw when they left the reindeer. Jangle had taken a quick look back and had to laugh at the tricky reindeer. He knew he was sticking his tongue out at Jinx.

Jangle had winked at the reindeer when he saw him and the reindeer winked back. Oh yes, this may be the most interesting Olympics yet. Let the Games Begin!










5 thoughts on “The Exciting News

  1. A perfect post for “National Tell A Fairy Tale Day”…with the substitution of elves, while the fairies are busily engaged elsewhere! Benjamin and I always love the antics and escapades of our favorite elves, Jinx and Jangle. We do hope the North Pole Olympics will receive some local media coverage. Note to reindeer, Benjamin says: “You shouldn’t stick out your tongue, your Mommy will be cross!” Thank-you for another delightful elf adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well thanks for telling me that it’s National tell a Fairy Tale Story Day. 🙂 Yes the elves were filling in for the fairies.
      So glad that you 2 enjoyed another adventure and yes I do think there will be local news media reporting the North Pole Olympics. I mean this involves Jinx and Jangle after all. They are celebrities. 🙂
      Oh and Yes Benjamin sticking out your tongue can get you in trouble with your Mommy, so don’t follow the reindeer’s lead! His Mommy may need to talk to him.


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