The Warmth of Kindness

I heard on the radio today a story that touched me.  It showed how there are still so many people in this world that know how to show kindness!

A lady was at the the Los Angeles airport. One of the largest and busiest airports in the US.  She was trying to calm her little one before they got on the plane. Unfortunately her calming techniques weren’t helping and soon this little one was crying loudly,  The toddler had thrown themselves on the floor and was refusing to get on the plane. The Mom put her head in her hands and started to cry herself.

No one knew this lady’s situation. Didn’t know where she was going or what was going on in her life presently, besides the fact that she had a screaming toddler on the floor. Without any words passing between any of them, 5 different Moms walked over to this worn out Mom and tended to her and to the child. One got a cup of water for the Mom to drink, one started singing to the child, each one was finding a way to help.

Is that not a beautiful example of human kindness? No judging was going on. They weren’t yelling at her to control her child, they saw a need and they did what they could to help!

Yes, kindness still exists, it really does! What can you do to show it today?

Sometimes there is no need to ask questions,  there is only a need for action!


21 thoughts on “The Warmth of Kindness

  1. A really beautiful story. So nice of those other moms who empathized with this mom so well and did exactly what she needed.i had a philosophy prof who used to say that in life, if so do es in trouble or having a hard time and you can help them, just do it. Don’t ask how you can help,just do. This is appreciated the most. I think this is a good example of this. The Mom probably just needed a nap after dealing with these tantrums. Lol. Maybe the other moms could help her find a way to deal with toddler too.

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  2. Usually the biggest kindness comes in the smallest gesture. I think I’m a kind person. I surely hope that’s how others see me!


  3. A little,boy of about 4 fell over in the street in front of me. His Mum tried to soothe his cries, but wasn’t having much luck. I approached her and opening my bag showed her a travel bottle of anti bacterial handwash, asking if she’d like to try some of my ‘magic cream’. The little boy was curious, and the mother accepted my offer, taking some on her own hands first and then gently rubbing her son’s knee. The skin wasn’t broken and he was unhurt, but through his tears he said Thank you and asked his Mum if she could get some too.
    ‘Magic cream’ when I was bringing up a young family was anything from Oil of Olay to handcream, but the boys always believed it was magic because it was mine.

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  4. Yay for the helpful moms! I remember arriving at LAX with my kids when they were young. They got wildly hyper and ran around pretending to be terrorists shooting down planes with rocket launchers — I guess they got that idea from some cartoon. I was trying to grab the suitcase off the baggage carousel with one hand and the kids with the other, and hustle them out to the car rental before any security guards got too interested in them! Managed to do it without having a meltdown myself, but I can totally empathize with the poor mom in the story who could only sit there crying.


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