Tuesday’s Thoughts!

It is supposed to climb into the 70’s today! Should be a beautiful day. I am listening to beautiful music, “The Greatest Showman” CD is playing.  The sun is shining through the window lighting up the room.  I hope that your heart is filled with sunshine today and that these quotes help to add to the sunshine. Have a delightful day!

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19 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Enjoy the warm weather. We’re supposed to hit 61 degrees today. Yaaaay!

    I like all the quotes you chose, but I really am partial to #5. I so hope that’s how people see me now and how I’ll be remembered.

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  2. The seventies! I’m so jealous, I don’t know Fahrenheit well, but I know that 72 is room temperature & to have that outside is awesome! Again, you had many great quotes. I like the one by Kayil York and the one about all living under the same moon. I enjoyed the Stephen King quote as well. I think that’s from his book ‘On Writing’ I read; it’s pretty much the quintessential writing guide for writers.

    It made me laugh, b/c I thought well, you can look out at your forest after, but sometimes you get the big picture perspective and still see the forest is burning, and you have to go back and put out the fires. Each time you step back, there are always small fires that need to be doused (fixed) in your forest, no matter how beautiful it appears in some places. Lol. Have a lovely day my friend. 💕😊

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