The Little Things


“Excuse me Miss.”

Shauna looked around trying to see who was talking to her but didn’t see anyone. Not many people were out on this rainy day. She was heading back to her car anxious to get home.

“Down here Miss.”

Shauna looked down and saw a little mouse. Was she really holding a polka dot umbrella?? She rubbed her eyes and wondered if it was too early in the morning to drink a glass of wine.  How could a little mouse be talking to her!

“HI! Can I ask you for a ride?  I really would like to get to a place that is warm and dry. ”

Now Shauna was thinking even more strongly that she needed a drink as she looked down at this little mouse who had just asked her for a ride.

She couldn’t believe that the words were coming out of her mouth, but she heard herself saying, ” Sure!”  and she bent down and scooped her up placing her and her tiny umbrella in her pocket.

The mouse thanked her and was so happy to be warm and dry as they got into the car. The mouse was smiling about how lucky she was and then Shauna started driving.  They were swerving  and making jerky stops.  The poor little mouse wondered if perhaps it would have been better for her to have stayed out in the rain!

Finally as she was giving up all hope of arriving safely they came to another stop and Shauna said, “We are here. ”

She walked into the house and pulled the little mouse out of her pocket placing her on the floor.  She wondered what she should say to her, its not like she was accustomed to talking to mice.

“So what’s for supper? ” the mouse piped up and asked. Shauna looked at her thinking she was quite bold, after all she had already given her a ride out of the rain.

“Macaroni and cheese” Shauna said, “Is that okay with you?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Shauna went about making supper wondering if this mouse planned on staying with her. She wasn’t exactly keen on having a mouse as a pet. She had come a long way in being more brave around mice though, she remembered when she used to scream and climb up on the table if she had seen a mouse. She had to admit that this mouse was kind of cute with her little red umbrella.

They ate supper and Shauna found that she actually enjoyed her company. At least it was better than just talking to herself in the evenings.

Over the next few days they got to know each other better and Shauna couldn’t believe that she was secretly hoping that the mouse would stay with her. She had grown use to her company.  Sometimes they went out and about together. The mouse would  just stay hidden in Shauna’s coat pocket. She usually went with Shauna though only if she was walking,  riding in the car with her at times could make the mouse feel queasy.

Shauna had gone through her daughter’s things and found that she still had her little Barbie house. She fixed it up some since it had been in storage for so long and let the mouse stay in it. She called it the best castle ever! Shauna thought its eyes would pop out of its head, they got so big when she saw the Barbie house.

It warmed Shauna’s heart to know that she could make the little mouse  so happy by something so little. The mouse was  also  thrilled with the little sweater that she gave her. Made her feel warm and cozy.

Shauna went through all the Barbie clothes and the mouse was smiling and overwhelmed at all Shauna had. Shauna couldn’t help but smile at the excitement in her new friend’s eyes.

Shauna thought back to that rainy day when she first met the mouse.  Thought of how she was longing to get home and out of the rain, but yet she took the time to stop and talk to the mouse and give her a ride. The few minutes that it took for Shauna to talk to her ended up creating a happiness in Shauna’s life that she had never expected.

Shauna looked at her new friend all curled up in the little Barbie bed and smiled. Life sure could be funny at times.

As she crawled into her bed she wondered what tomorrow would bring. She would make sure to keep her eyes open, who knew what surprises may be waiting for her.




13 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. This is just plain sweet. And a wonderful lesson we could all profit from…..a small good deed can result in a big unexpected reward. I would usually be up on a chair myself if I saw a mouse. But if I encountered this cutie pie I too would scoop her up and bring her home!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jodi! That’s what I was aiming for, just a simple sweet story to help our heavy hearts! Halfway through writing it I was actually questioning myself. Really? I am picking a mouse to write a sweet story about?? LOL! But I loved the picture!

      Liked by 1 person

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