The Cries

I have tried to write a post several times in my head today.  A post about something totally different from the posts of the past 2 days. but my heart just hasn’t been there. I just hate the gun crisis that America is in right now and I wonder how long it will take until it gets better!!

I am reading different posts from  people around the world. That is one thing I love about WordPress, how you can get to know people from all over.  There is one thing I read over and over again.  What is America thinking?!  Why do they keep killing each other and still no changes in gun laws?

I speak for myself and a lot of other Americans when I say that I wish I knew what America was thinking, that I wish I knew why there hasn’t been changes made in gun regulations. Well I may have some ideas, and one has to do with the way money talks very loudly!  Its really shameful to admit that though when we have people dying!

I got caught up in a Facebook debate about gun regulations and it blew my mind at some of the comments.  One specific one is what I have the most problems with.   A man said how his guns are his “toys”.  That some people have luxurious boats and cars, well AR-15’s and AK’s,  automatic rifles are his “toys”.  No one asks people to get rid of their boats and cars so why should he get rid of his high powered automatics!

I really couldn’t even respond to his comment for I just don’t get it.  I am not talking about regular guns here.  I am talking about the type of guns that the shooters involved in these mass shootings have used!  They use them because in only a few minutes you can shoot off rounds of ammunition without having to reload.  These can be bought legally, please someone tell me WHY!!!

Tell me why you can’t drink alcohol until you are 21. but at 18 you can buy a high powered rifle?  Why you have to go through hours and hours and months of driving on the road with a driving permit before you can apply for a license and you have to study for a test and take a test before you get your driving permit.  Why is all that required?   It is because you will be getting behind the wheel of a high powered machine that can be very deadly.

Yet at the age of 18 one can walk into a store and purchase a highly powered automatic rifle and go home with it, all in the same day!  Why?  Because its his “right” to be able too!

This same guy can go into a school and blow away innocent children and teachers, snuffing out their lives in minutes.

“It’s my right” is a cry that echoes across America!  “It’s my right to have my “toys” cries the man with the automatic rifles.

What about the child cowering under the desk listening to the screams of their classmates.  The child watching in horror as he sees his teacher fall to the floor when he was trying to close the door.  The children running through hallways flowing with the blood of their peers,  praying they will make it outside into the safety of their parents arms.

What about my dear child who tries to speak confidently, and reassures their sister.  Says how considering that their school is so big it is unlikely that they would be the ones to get shot at, if someday the unthinkable would happen at their school. The simple fact that my child has to have those thoughts go through their head turns my stomach.

“Its my right!” is a cry that echoes across America.  Echoing so loudly that it overpowers the cries of the innocent children wondering when their rights will be heard. Their right to be able to go to school without fear!



34 thoughts on “The Cries

  1. I can only shake my head in dismay at people who think of items designed specifically to kill … are toys. I strongly doubt that any toy manufacturer is involved in their production.
    Another standard argument is “I have the right to carry a firearm in order to protect myself – I guess some people are still living in the “Wild West” era, and conveniently forgetting that the US now has a structure of law enforcement agencies (which US citizens are paying for in taxes) all over the country. If they are seen to be less than effective, then we are all represented by elected officials at various levels of government. We are each responsible for making our concerns known to them. It is their job to respond to those concerns, assuming they wish to be re-elected when the time comes.
    How many innocent killings is it going to take before somebody decides that taking firearms out of circulation would be a good idea? How many more killings will it take before somebody “joins the dots” and concludes that readily available toys that kill are clearly a problem? How long will it be before the safety of US citizens is rated a higher priority than the profits of the firearms manufacturers, and the ideology of the NRA?

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  2. I can feel your pain and frustration. It keeps happening, in the states, it’s happened in Canada too, in Australia, and many times over Europe since Columbine. However, the US seems to be the worst. Maybe, it’s so hard b/c at this point, there’s nothing left that hasn’t been unsaid. Jimmy Kimmel has a very good bit on it. I think his point was valid, it’s beyond Rights, it’s about human lives, children, and ‘now’ is the time to do something before there is a next time, we can’t wait any longer. I’ll try to find the video and post it here for you. Keep heart, God Works even in these terrible times for the good and the better, despite the evil in many politicians and some powerful media opponents.
    Hugs JR.

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  3. There was a time when the ‘majority’ ruled. Today MONEY rules, and the NRA has plenty of it. Can’t even imagine how many pockets in Washington get lined. I agree with Colin when he says the NRA is very vocal and we need to be vocal as well. Perhaps more so. Elected officials in DC need to get off their dead butts and meet this crisis head on, now.

    When assault rifles become someone’s ‘toy’, I think that’s a big red flag that we as a country are not thinking, period! Mental illness is out of control. People don’t report questionable activities of another person. And, in some cases, when they do speak up, like to the FBI, it’s totally ignored.

    I wish I had the magic answer to this problem.

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    • I wish I had the magic answer as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      I agree so much about our elected officials getting off their butts and doing something!!
      If they don’t want to put new gun laws out there then please show me how you are going to take care of the massive problem!
      Instead they offer their condolences and apparently expect something magical to happen without them having to do anything!


    • You are so right, we gotta keep hope alive!
      I had naively thought that after that horrible shooting in Newton that change would happen! That the government would finally take action.
      Yes every life matters BUT like you said this was babies! Little kids just starting to go to school.
      Senseless tragedy that keeps getting repeated!


  4. Good for you, speaking up. So many people are too intimidated to say anything that is at all political because there is so much nastiness online. I believe that as long as you’re speaking honestly and from the heart, while keeping a respectful tone and avoiding personal attacks, others will respond in kind. We get what we give, and that is true online just like anywhere else!

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    • Thanks Meg.
      I really don’t like bringing up controversial topics and do lack courage a lot of times. It’s why I haven’t said more about this subject.
      But sometimes things just need to be said!
      I do believe that most people will respond respectfully like you said. I have wonderful followers! If someone new wants to be disrespectful then that’s where the ability to block them comes in handy.

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  5. This is powerful and right on the money! Assault rifles are for war and killing people. No American needs one. Now the why – guns are big business and the NRA supports that business. For one thing they create fear which keeps the wheels of this business going. Conservative America has bought into many deceptions (especially lately) and this one involves an interpretation of what our “rights” are. Our founding fathers did not envision weapons like these and I’m sure they would never agree to allowing them. They probably would allow a handgun in the home, or a deer hunting rifle. But even these should be carefully distributed and regulated. Ever heard of a mass shooting in Sweden or Switzerland? Me neither. Nonsense like this makes me think about moving.
    If you’re interested I wrote a post on Ancient Skies called simply “Guns”. It was posted in November. Bottom line is – It’s all about the money.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts! Yes America is very deceived and has definitely bought into fear!
      They cling to their guns as if our money said “in Guns We Trust!” instead of God!
      Interesting enough we were just talking about Switzerland the other day.
      Moving is tempting isn’t it!
      I will have to check out your post from November, not sure if I had seen it before or not.

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  6. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr. WE must no longer be silent, all children’s lives matter. The NRA and like-minded individuals will argue that guns don’t kill, people do. While there is some truth in that statement, it does not begin to justify the vast amount of guns that Americans possess nor how they are used. Both Republicans and Democrats have failed, by simply talking and never doing anything about these endless loss of young lives. The teenagers in Florida have more common sense than our elected officials. Attending school should not cause fear for their lives, yet somehow WE have allowed this to happen…it must end now.

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  7. Assault rifles may belong in the hands of our Armed Forces, but I cannot come up with one good reason why any citizen needs one except to create havoc and kill others. Since the FL shooting, I saw an ad for a backpack for children that has kevlar in it. Now, is that sick or what? We are now going to create an industry to equip our children with bullet proof backpacks that cost between $200-500 because we won’t pass gun laws that take ‘toys’ away from the big boys? This is why I spend an average of 15 minutes a week on Facebook. I’d be pulling my hair out from frustration. I’m frustrated enough with the elected officials in WA who prefer to increase their bank accounts instead of keeping our children safe, I really can’t deal with folks with those ideas on Facebook. It is easy to find out who takes money from the NRA, but I’m wondering now who actually owns kevlar and Dupont and all the associated companies that stand to get richer because of these shootings. It’s sick. I think our forefathers are rolling over in disgust.

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  8. America, stopped having consequences for actions, decades ago. You can get more jail time for stealing a car, than killing a person. When you get the sentence, you only serve 1/3 of it. It has continued to fester. , for I always thought, that a weapon like the AR-15 was not suited for general populace. Sadly it is so bad in the US, that a person needs something to protect themselves.It’s like the wild west, as someone said. I wish it wasn’t so, but there it is. I was a cop for many years (24), I have seen the tragic results when the police can’t respond fast enough.
    Both sides are to blame. The idiots that think ANY firearm is a toy, are scary. The ones that want to disarm everyone, only contribute to environments that criminals love. Israel, had the same problem with school shootings from terrorist. It didn’t stop, until they made the schools an unsafe choice for shooters.

    If we banned all firearms in the US, then the criminals would still have an ample supply for the next 100 years, they don’t fear being caught with one, because there are no serious consequences. We need more scrutiny of these people with red flags, 18 is too young to own a firearm.
    This is just my 2 cents. It’s great to see discussions like this. Please don’t get me started on the crazies, that want to “open carry” firearms.

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Yes the judicial system can be very messed up at times. It’s like a slap in the face to the victim when the criminal doesn’t even serve half the time that they were sentenced too!
      How did you survive as a police officer? I can’t imagine.
      Yes, there’s not enough words to describe the “open and carry” crazies!

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    • Yes definitely no logic to it!
      When I think of how the government says that the shooters have a mental problem…well I don’t disagree, but for them to say it is almost like “the pot calling the kettle black”!

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  9. It is indeed quite insane that at 18 you cannot have a drink legally or buy cigarettes, but you can buy a gun, join the military and be permitted to shoot a gun. It makes no sense logically how that is right. It is indeed horrible to see children getting shot at and that parents have to worry about sending their kids to school in a civilized society. I understand the worry in a nation that is battling a war, but this is just beyond understanding.

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    • Thanks for commenting and yes it is indeed beyond understanding!
      Yes join the military if you think that you have to shoot guns, but here is the irony in that case. The Florida shooter and several of the other shooters wouldn’t have been able to join the military. The military has very stringent rules. The Florida shooter and other ones wouldn’t have passed the mental health exam!! You gotta pass that in able to join and be able to use guns!!

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  10. Well here comes my view. Which is definitely not PC according to your string of comments here. Making laws will not keep a murderer from getting a gun. He is going to be deterred from murder because a gun is illegal? It is not as if those mass killers commits the act in a moments fury. The acts are all planned for days or longer.
    The schools are soft targets because the killers know no one is there to shoot back. People have had guns since Daniel Boone. I’ve never heard of a hunter who went berserk and committed mass murder. Evil is in the heart of some who will carry out their horrible deeds in one way or another. I’ve always hated guns. I hated my dad killing rabbits when they overrun the fields. But I don’t think there is anything except honest men armed for defense that will stop a killer. Thanks for my little squeak in your many voices. 😀

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    • Thanks for reading and for your comment! I know not everyone is going to agree, this can be such a heated topic, but it can also be done respectuflly.
      I know just making new gun laws are not the answer, it will take more. But I don’t think the fact that criminals will break laws should stop us from making them. I feel we need to do absolutely everything we can to help make this world a safer place for our children!
      And again you are welcome to “squeak” in your voice anytime. 🙂


    • Hi Oneta – I admire you for getting your 10 cents in, knowing that you may be at odds with other respondents. You make some good points however, I would like to suggest some ideas to ponder.

      “Making laws will not keep a murderer from getting a gun.” Having worked for many years in Government, I can assure you that making laws is never expected to prevent law infractions. It is there so that a legal action can be taken as/when necessary

      ” He is going to be deterred from murder because a gun is illegal?” That really depends on whether we consider a planned and executed murder, or an emotional response to an event, or an irrational act aggravated by a mental issue (PTSD etc). I would suggest a strong difference between acquiring an illegal firearm specifically for criminal purposes, and using “the one in the cupboard under the stairs”!

      ” Nothing will prevent It is not as if those mass killers commits the act in a moments fury.” Given that no rational person is going to find a group of people and randomly open fire, it would seem fair to deduce that they are irrational. Based on irrational behavior, one must consider why it is legal for them to own a firearm.

      “The schools are soft targets because the killers know no one is there to shoot back.” Again, given the irrational thought process of these random/mass killers, I would very surprised if that logic was considered. The latest killing did appear to be revenge motivated from what I have read in the news, so that school was targeted.

      “People have had guns since Daniel Boone.” Perhaps we need to progress beyond Daniel Boone? The USA is certainly a very different place now.

      “I’ve never heard of a hunter who went berserk and committed mass murder.” Neither have I, and if firearms were restricted (for example) to hunters, and all other firearms were taken out of circulation, it may just resolve this problem. I think it also worth noting that, while mass killings in schools are very topical, and for understandable reasons, there are significant numbers of other killings – child accidents, emotional outbursts, petty crime etc.

      Again, your views were interesting and appreciated. It is my sincere hope that all US citizens will contemplate this topic such that the “law makers” are pressured to do something constructive.

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      • You are so right about the significant number of deaths there are by guns with children accidentally getting a hold of them, plus when tempers flare with adults and in cases of domestic violence. They are all tragic!

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