17 Lives

Yesterday in Florida there was a mass school shooting. While people were celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, 17 families were mourning due to an act of hate.

17 young lives tragically cut short! Another mass shooting amidst so many! The madness continues to sicken me.

I wasn’t going to write a post about it, for what can I say differently in this post that I haven’t said in any of my other posts about mass shootings?

I wasn’t going to write, but there are 17 victims who have the right to be remembered.

17 victims who will never awaken to another glorious sunrise, with the hope of a new day.Β  17 victims who will never experience the peace of swinging on the porch swing. Admiring the beauty of another sunset with the one they love beside them.

17 victims who will never again walk along the beach listening to the roar of the waves, as they feel the ocean breeze.

17 victims who will never again will feel the tender embrace of a hug.

In 1999 we had the first mass school shooting at Columbine. We all were stunned with great sadness. 13 lives were lost! We all were greatly shocked!Β  A tragedy like this had never happened before. How can we stop it from happening again? America was rocked by such a senseless tragedy.

19 years later Columbine doesn’t even make it on the list of the Top 10 Mass shootings in the USA.

Yesterday there were 17 victims and their families who wish we would have learned from Columbine.

17 victims whose laughter is forever silenced and whose dance ended way too soon!


20 thoughts on “17 Lives

  1. It is sad that after every mass shooting, the cries for more stringent gun controls are heard…. and ignored. It is equally sad that the gun supporters carry so much influence with various government levels but then, military weapons are big business. Somebody once said that the US needs a war every now and then in order to support their arms industries. What are we becoming if we allow commerce to dictate our moral standards? For a predominantly Christian based culture, such hypocrisy is astounding.

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  2. It broke my heart when I saw it. I was actually streaming on youtube when I saw the news that there was an ongoing shooting in a school. Apparently, the 18th one this year. Schools should be aafe haven for children not places to evoke terror. 😭


  3. This kind of senseless violence is impossible to wrap your head around. When I was in school in the late 40’s and 50’s, the worst thing we had to worry about was passing an exam. Kids today have to worry whether they’ll still be alive when the exam is given.

    Gun control is out of control. Kids and teachers have a right to feel perfectly safe while in school, but that’s not how it is any more. Shame on us. I wish I had the solution, but I don’t. I can only offer my prayers to all the victims and their families and hope for a better tomorrow for our kids.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts! It truly is shameful and sad!! And as a parent makes my heart ache! As you said kids should only have tests to worry about not have to worry about getting shot!!! I shouldn’t have to feel like I am sending my kids into a possible war zone every time they go out the door in the morning!

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  4. Good conversation, but I sadly think ‘we, the people’ are the only ones concerned about it. If you google those receiving contributions from the NRA, the list is long and diverse. As long as the NRA is lining the pockets of those representing us in WA, our odds of getting stronger gun laws are nil. And, when is the last time we got more money for mental health? Sad state of affairs. We sell out the safety of our youth year after year. I wish I could see a better ending, but I sure don’t.

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    • I wish I could do more for those precious families. I cannot fathom their pain.
      Thank you for caring and yes we so badly need a safer world. I could say more, but then I would start ranting and it would get longer than planned.
      That happened last night as I responded to someone on Facebook who was talking about “not blaming the guns”, etc. I just had had enough. It takes a lot for me to get to that point but last night I was there!
      I wasn’t disrespectful but the person did get an earful!

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      • Aww…thanks for your kind words!
        Yes, it was just a rant spoken from the heart. I had contemplated posting it on here, but see that’s where I lack courage. I probably would get some people that would want to debate the whole issue and I am not one into debates. I did let the person know that when I responded to them and they actually were very respectful and surprisingly enough they agreed that I had made some good points.


        • Debates should be encouraged because it is an opportunity to air differing views. Perhaps you would change your position on the debate topic, or perhaps the other person would change their position.
          We all have opinions based on family influence, cultural upbringing, and our own life experiences, but we can always learn more which may well “cement” our current beliefs… or explode them.
          The only way we can expand our knowledge, and subsequently our area of influence, is to learn more about a given topic. Reading is great, but a book does not always challenge the readers belief very well, whereas another person can.
          As for using your Blog to do it? Sadly, there are irrational and/or rigid thinkers that are not interested in debating, but would rather make inflammatory or abusive Comments. My solution has always been to moderate all Comments but … I have only blocked 2 Comments since my Blog started in October 2014!
          Bonus reason for debating via your Blog – If you are not sure how to respond, then you can reseach the issue before replying! πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, you can learn from debates that is true, and if done in a respectful way it can be interesting. Unfortunately like you pointed out there are those who aren’t interested in being respectful.
        The other problem is I am a “emotional” debater. So if you get me too worked up I just stop, but hey you never know, maybe you will see a controversial post on here sometime.
        I actually was very close to it last night, for my heart was writing for me. Than I relaxed to some music and thought twice about posting. πŸ™‚

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  5. Being in the city where Columbine and the Aurora theatre shooting took place, it was especially heartbreaking to see yet another school shooting. We are truly in the midst of madness, with individual alienation and quick and simple access to a staggering amount of military type weapons rules the day. I’m not sure what the answer is but think beyond thoughts and prayers, we must find a way to reach out to those who clearly need some connection to the human race. Yours was a lovely tribute to those young lives. Our behavior now will be their ultimate legacy. πŸ’”

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    • I knew you lived in Colorado but didn’t realize you lived in the city where those 2 horrible shootings took place! Did you know any of the victims? I can’t imagine something like that happening here.

      The sad thing is that it can happen anywhere. We have had gun threats in the High School here. It happens in large city school and small country schools. Our facade of “being in a safe place” was evaporated when there was that awful shooting in Nickel Mines! An Amish schoolhouse was the LAST place I expected a shooting to happen!

      You are right we really do need to help those who feel so badly that they want to take a gun and take others lives! Its not just about gun laws, it is about truly caring for others and trying to help them!
      Thanks for your thoughts and I pray that our legacy will not continue to be marked with bloodshed!

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      • I’m in the city and both those shootings took place in the burbs. No I didn’t know any of the victims but even that didn’t diminish the anguish everyone felt. Nice people out for an evening of fun or a high school full of kids ready to begin promising lives-just doesn’t seem possible that evil will appear in settings like that. *sigh*

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      • Understand! You don’t have to know the person in order to feel anguish for their life being cut short and anguish for the ones who do know them! I was seeing the pictures and stories about the victims from this last shooting and it makes tears come to my eyes!


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