Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Spring is around the corner, the snow is melting away.  Will we get another snow yet before Spring?  If not this will be the most mild winter that we have had for awhile.  While watching the Olympics I was glad that I was warm and cozy inside and not outside skiing in really cold weather!

My husband and I both commented on how skiing looks like it could be so much fun, but…  I am pretty convinced that I would end up with broken legs.  I would fall down before I even got the chance to ski, just trying to walk in them would be a problem! I did tell my hubby that he could probably do it, he is better coordinated than I. His problem is he doesn’t like the cold! I can handle the cold better than him. I told him if he just bundled up really well he would be fine. I don’t think that I have him convinced.

Hopefully you are warm and cozy as you enjoy these quotes! I think I need some more Hot Chocolate. Have a Great Day!

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  5. 79-great-inspirational-quotes-motivational-quotes-with-images-to-inspire-71
  6. 86-inspirational-quotes-to-inspire-your-inner-wanderlust-47
  7. 56-inspiring-motivational-quotes-about-gratitude-to-be-double-your-happiness-39
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  11. d232a7dec530a16ca3a4d2e1942b297d  When looking for quotes there are always cute pictures that pop up like these and distract me, but that’s Okay, I never mind something to smile at!


17 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. What a cutie. Reminds me of Tit Terrace in the bungalow all those years ago.
    That little blue tit makes me feel pretty humble as it survives the snow whilst we moan about the cold weather from the comfort of our centrally heated home.


  2. That little bird is just a fat, fluffy ball of adorableness! Too cute!

    Great collection of quotes. I like #4, but #8 is why I never take a nap anymore! Lol. Can you guess that I fall under the second half of the quote?!

    I couldn’t ski if you put a gun to my head….and I can’t tolerate the cold anymore, so I’m just dead in the water (make that snow!) any way you look at it! But like you said, it’s fun to watch sitting in my recliner in my heated home. Lol.

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  3. When I saw #1, my first thought was, “oh, 24 hours without complaining, can’t be that hard.” But then I realized all the complaints that we don’t say out loud, but just quietly grumble to ourselves about, would have to count too. Not so easy after all! And, that cutie-pie bird definitely made the post. 🙂

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